Live, Travel, Surf: these three words are Eidon’s mantra. They describe who we are and what we love. Knowing that the important things in life are experiences and not things, we see surfing as a lifestyle choice and window to the world around us full of beautiful people and undiscovered places. So whether you’re off to you’re favorite break for a quick session, or heading to a distant beach in a place you’ve never been, Eidon is made to travel with you.


To join in our adventures, follow @eidonsurf on Instagram. And if you’re a surfer, traveler, photographer or anyone else who shares the love of the Live, Travel, Surf lifestyle, hashtag #livetravelsurf for a chance to be featured on our feed.



Our swimwear recommendation for surfers:

Knowing that different surfers have different preferences when it comes to style and support, we design a variety of tops that range from sportier 2-way back adjustable strap tops to more fashion-focused triangle or underwire styles. And to cover girl surfers of all shapes and sizes, our range of bottoms go from our itsi-bitsi ruched tie-side bottoms to our super comfy boy shorts perfect for active girls that want a little more coverage in the water.


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Eidon Bikini - Eidon Swim - eidonsurf.com
Eidon Bikini - Eidon Swim - eidonsurf.com
Eidon Loop Bikini - Eidon Swim - eidonsurf.com
Eidon Bikini - Eidon Swim - eidonsurf.com