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summer romero portrait by chris grant, jettygirl.comsurf photo of kim mayer by chris grant

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Welcome to the JettyGirl Video Clip Gallery. Each month we bring you surf video clips of our featured surfer as well as excerpts from our on-location interview. This month we're featuring 2004 women's world longboard champion Summer Romero. One of my favorite things about Summer is that she's a surfer's surfer. She doesn't come to the beach with an entourage or waving any self-promotion flags...she just paddles out where she feels like it and surfs with the quiet confidence of a world title holder. Humble, hard-working, dedicated and so amazingly kind, Summer Romero has quickly become one of my favorite surfers and it's a true privilege to feature her on JettyGirl this month. Enjoy the videos :)

Surf Video Clip of Summer

    Large - QuickTime .mov (34.2MB)

Music: "Oceanheart"
Written by Felicity Burdett
Performed by The Love Bus
Courtesy of The Love Bus, thelovebus.com.au
More music at myspace.com/thelovebus

Video: Chris Grant / Boardfolio.com

Location: San Diego County, CA


summer romero surf video clip


Additional Video Clips featuring our October 2006 JettyGirl, Summer Romero

Summer Romero talks to a grom on the beach - .mov (3.2MB)
Summer discusses her career choice of nursing - .mov (7.4MB)
Summer talks about her 2004 world title - .mov (10.2MB)
Summer's approach to waves - .mov (5.1MB)
Summer discusses her experiences with sponsorships - .mov (5.6MB)
Summer reveals her favorite PlayStation games - .mov (4.3MB)
Should surfers be paid more? Summer answers the question here. - .mov (6.4MB)
Summer explains how surfing fits in with school - .mov (5.4MB)




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