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Name - Summer Romero
Age - 24
Hometown - San Diego, CA
Sponsors - Hawaiian Pro Designs, O'fish'l fins, Blala Wetsuits, Bob's Mission Surf Shop
Stance - Goofy
Surfboards/Shapers – 9'0" (In the Pink, Noah, Speed Shape, Slater), 5'5" Twin, 5'3" Fish (to name a few)- all boards shaped by Donald Takayama of Hawaiian Pro Designs
Career Highlights - 2004 Women's World Longboard Champion, 2005 US Champion, Three time Hello Kitty Boardfest winner

Summer Romero Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

summer romero surf video clipSurfing is lucky to have a Summer Romero. Right when you think our surf community is becoming one big monoculture, you meet someone who stirs up the pot. Born and raised in Lakeside, California, the aspiring nurse brings diversity of background, interests, and character to surfing culture. With a polished balance of smoothness and power, Summer is a pleasure and inspiration to watch. Smart and confident, she verified her skills by winning both National and World Longboard titles, all before age 23. Yet surfing isn't all she sees. Currently attending San Diego State University, Summer is studying to become a nurse. She's intriguing, she's skilled, she's the October JettyGirl. Check out Summer Romero…

Kyla Langen: Let's get to know Summer, shall we? Summer who?
Summer Romero: Summer Noel Romero

KL: Where is Romero from?
SR: It's from my dad. Ha, no, yeah, my dad's side, so I'm like half Mexican… which most people don't realize until they hear my last name, 'cause I don't look Mexican.

KL: So your mom is…?
SR: … a little Italian, and Caucasian, white girl.

KL: Do you have the full on Latino family then?
SR: My dad's side yeah, big Latino family.

KL: Hablas espanol?
SR: No.

KL: No? Not at all?
SR: No, not really. They didn't teach me growing up. I wish they had…

KL: It's never too late to learn. Where did you grow up?
SR: San Diego. Born and raised. I used to live in Lakeside actually, which is like 30 minutes inland of Pacific Beach. I lived there the first twelve years of my life, and it's like white trash area, so it's kinda surprising I became a surfer. But now I live in La Mesa, a little closer to the beach.

KL: When did you start surfing?
SR: I think I started when I was thirteen. I've been surfing for like 9 or 10 years.

KL: How did you get into it?
SR: My dad's friend was a surfer and he took me out, and I was just instantly addicted, instant passion and love for it. So I begged my dad for a crappy board and begged him to let me do Jr. Lifeguards so I could be at the beach all day.

KL: Nice. Did you start on a longboard?
SR: No, actually I started shortboarding, like a full 80's board. It was probably 50 bucks, if that, got it used and taught myself how to surf. I actually taught myself at Tourmaline, which is a full longboard wave. I didn't know the difference; all I knew was like 'Lisa Anderson, wow, I want to shortboard.' But then everyone started making fun of me for shortboarding, so I tried longboarding and just fell in love with it.

KL: How funny. Do you ever shortboard now?
SR: A little bit, very rarely, maybe if I steal your board when you're out. I don't really have a full shortboard, I have like twinnies and hybrid type boards, but I want to get a shortboard and start going more.


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