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Name - Prue Jeffries
Age - 33
Hometown - Sydney, Australia
Sponsors - Xair Wetsuits
Stance - Goofy
Surfboards/ShapersMaurice Cole: anywhere between 5'8" to 6'10"; Al Merrick: anywhere between 5'6" to 6'10"; Donald Takayama: Bertlemann twinnies, single fins & fishes; Rich Pavel via Rainbow Surfboards: classic fish, quads & five fin bonzers; Steve Clark via Rainbow Surfboards: 5'6" egg

Prue Jeffries Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Carlsbad, California

prue jeffries surf video clipIt was a privilege to interview our May JettyGirl. A veteran of the WCT tour and a lifetime supporter of women's surfing, Prudence Ann Jeffries has been a key player on the scene for nearly two decades. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Prue fled the coop at age seventeen to begin her life as a traveling surfer. A wealth of knowledge and experience, her opinions are informed, esteemed and eloquently put. Though retired from competition, Prue remains active in the surfing community and focused on giving back to the sport and world at large. Her ideas helped me to envision a utopian society where everyone contributes, the masses rally for the changes they want, and the government funds women surf festivals. Read on to see why…

Kyla Langen: Thanks for coming Prue, I'm honored to be here interviewing you. How did you come to be so reputable in the industry of surfing?
Prue Jeffries: Oh I don't know, I just think I worked pretty hard at my career at the time. I realized the only way to do well with anything is to put your head down and do the best you can, and to give back—try to build things and make it a better place around you. So I think that's helped with my name being out there a little more.

KL: What's been your current state of mind regarding women's surfing and the industry?
PJ: Hmm, I get kinda polarized on it, it just depends what time of day you catch me, but trying to be well rounded about it. It still needs a lot of work. But I'm excited about how the girls are surfing and it's great to see how everyone is constantly building on the generation before them and improving performance levels and it's great to see a lot of young girls having opportunities. It's great that a lot of the events are stand alone now, and we're getting a lot of focus and attention, and surfing a variety of waves at that.

KL: What are you up to now-a-days?
PJ: Haha, doing Prue things. I don't know what they are; they're kinda like a bunch of things all at once that I juggle. I like helping people out, I helped out a bit with the women's longboard championships. I think it's important to grow all aspects of women's surfing, so I spent some time helping out with that. It's really cool cause now we've worked out something with Roxy, and the women are going to have the biggest prize money event they've ever had at the championships in Europe, and there is going to be a contest in Cardiff with Linda Benson, so that's really pushed forward with Roxy's support, and hopefully other people will get on the bandwagon. I think it's a new perspective that women need to keep our sport growing a bit further and keep that image out there. We're still trying to do our movies with Stardust Productions, so that's coming along, slowly, but we're getting there. And I've been working with some friends on a couple little business/company projects I'm just trying to get funding for and get going too. So that's keeping me busy.

KL: Surfing related projects?
PJ: Uh, a little broader than surfing, but it'll definitely still have some roots in surfing, because that's part of my life. But I want to use it as a vehicle if I can to change the world at large and contribute. So if I get it going it will be good.

KL: Sounds exciting. Do you feel like maybe you're part pixie?
PJ: Pixie?! Well you know what, the board I just got has a mandala on it and fairies and oak trees. And actually one day I was in Starbucks with two friends and the woman behind the counter looks at all three of us and goes, "All three of you are elves." And I'm going "what?" And she was like, "Look at your noses and ears and smiles and everything, you're all elves." She had all kind of glitter around her eyes and she obviously wanted to be a pixie herself, so I was just like "Alright, you get it." Hahaha.  


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