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marii sugiura hits one backside in oceanside, surf photography by chris grant, jettygirlsurf photography by chris grant

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marii sugiura, jettygirl for december 2006 marii sugiura surf photo gallery marii sugiura surf video clips


PJ: In honor of Kyla who's in Hawaii right now, let's do some "either/or" questions. Reading OR watching TV?
MS: Reading

PJ: Day OR night?
MS: Night

PJ: Stay at home OR go out on the town?
MS: Go out on the town for sure. Town mean party? Oh, no party! I thought "town" means sight seeing. No parties. 

PJ: Surf movie OR Hollywood movie?
MS: Hollywood movie. I just watched Da Vinci Code two nights ago...very fun.

PJ: Bikini OR wetsuit?
MS: Bikini

PJ: Rights OR lefts?
MS: Rights

PJ: Big barrels OR a long pointbreak?
MS: Pointbreak

PJ: Name a few of your favorite surfers.
MS: Kelly Slater, my fiancé and my Daddy.

PJ: Last winter when you were in California, you were working on a film with some other Japanese surfer girls. Tell us a bit about that...
MS: We are making dvd called…um, I don't know the title (Laughter). I think something in Japanese. They're going to sell it in two months. It was recorded all around here...Blacks, Trestles, Oceanside. We're eating, driving, having lots of fun. None of us had been here before so it was the first time for everybody. Very fun. 

PJ: We notice you have a cross on all your boards. Is that simply artwork or does it symbolize a religious belief of some kind? Are you a spiritual person?
MS: No that's my sponsor, Tools, they make backpacks and resin to fix surfboards. No, that is not my religion. I am Buddhist. (Laughter)

PJ: Buddhists are cool. I like Buddhists. Do you practice Buddhism here. Do you go to temple?
MS: I don't go to temple here but I used to pray a lot in Japan.

PJ: I think they have one in Vista.
MS: You think so? But we have so many kinds of Buddhists.

PJ: So you are not Shinto?
MS: No, I am Shingon. (Laughter)

PJ: Shout-outs to your friends or supporters?
MS: I just want to say thank you for my family and sponsors...Billabong, Tools, Kustom shoes, Nixon, Damai Restaurant (Indonesian food) and my daddy’s surf shop Doors.


Story & Interview by Prue Jeffries; Photography by Chris Grant.


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