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PJ: Will you be doing the WQS tour in 2007?
MS: I think so. Mostly in the United States because I am going to move here after we get married. Do the WQS here and go to Japan for the Japanese (JPSA) tour.

PJ: Do female surfers get a lot of coverage in Japanese surf magazines? Are there any all-girl surf magazines in your country?
MS: Ahhh, no.

PJ: No girls' surf magazines?
MS: They used have a girls' magazine, but we never got a girl surfer on the cover, it was always models. Then they stopped making the girls' magazine so there aren't any girls on the cover.

PJ: Do you get coverage in the other magazines now for girls?
MS: Oh! You mean inside the magazines, not only on the cover?

PJ: Yes.
MS: Yes, a lot.

PJ: So in the men’s surf magazines they put the girls in too?
MS: Yes, all the time, everybody. 

PJ: In America a lot of the surf magazine advertisements show models instead of their actual team riders. In Japanese surf magazines, do women's surf companies usually use models or surfers in their ads? Do you have any thoughts on the subject?
MS: (Laughter)

PJ: What do you really think?
MS: They should use me!! (Laughter)

PJ: Do your sponsors use you for the ads? Billabong, for instance, are you in a Billabong ad surfing?
MS: Yes, when I win a contest.

PJ: So they do it, they run an ad?
MS: When I get a win in a surf contest my sponsors run ads of me that say "congratulations on the win."

PJ: That's good. That's better. What countries have you traveled to and/or surfed in?
MS: Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, United States and England.

PJ: Do you like England?
MS: Yes, because my twin sister just got married to an English guy. 

PJ: You guys are all over the globe!!!
MS: Yeah! International twins. (Laughter) We went there for the wedding party. I tried to bring my surfboard, but the airline company tried to rip me off so I didn't bring one. My sister’s husband has a surfer friend and he lent a board to me. 

PJ: So where did you surf in England? Cornwall?
MS: Yes, Cornwall. Good waves.

PJ: It gets good sometimes.
MS: It looks like surfing is very popular there.

PJ: What kind of music do you like? Any particular bands or musicians?
MS: I like reggae and some Japanese singers.

PJ: Besides surfing, what are a few things you enjoy doing?
MS: I like yoga. I also like sightseeing.

PJ: Sightseeing? (Laughter)
MS: Yeah, I like sightseeing.

PJ: What kind of sightseeing?
MS: Like walking around the pier. That's what I like...and going to new spots.

PJ: You really enjoy yoga too. Has practicing yoga helped you with your surfing?
MS: For sure. My body has become very flexible and it helps me balance well.

PJ: What type of yoga?
MS: I like Hatha.

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