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PJ: Speaking of food, what are some of your favorite things to eat?
MS: In Japanese foods?

PJ: Any kind, you can do both Japanese and American.
MS: I like Natto. Do you know what Natto is?

PJ: Aren't those the beans, the really stinky beans?
MS: Yeah, the fermented beans. I love Natto. I eat Natto every morning in Japan and my fiancé loves it too. (Lots of laughter)  

PJ: That's a good thing seeing that you are getting married. I don't know, they are very smelly. What about American food?
MS: I like American food, but ... what is American food. Steak? Hamburgers?

PJ. Yes, hamburgers I guess?
MS: I like them but not everyday, too much grease.

PJ: In and Out?
MS: In and Out, that's is my favorite.

PJ: You like In and Out? (Laughter)
(Fiancé sitting on the side): "You like Souplantation."
MS: YEAH!!! I love Souplantation!

PJ: I like that too, it was my favorite when I came to America. What place do you most look forward to visiting and why?
MS: Indonesia. I love Indonesia. I go two times each year. I have been there sixteen times and I speak Indonesian. And I saw my fiancé at Bali.

PJ: That's how you met? That's cool.
MS: Yes. I love Indonesia. I still want to live there.

PJ: What was first thing you wanted to do when you got to California?
MS: I just wanted to go surfing all around here. I heard Mexico was very good and I wanted surf there.

PJ: Each year it seems that many groups of Japanese surfers visit Oceanside. Is Oceanside a well-known surf destination in Japan?
MS: I think Trestles is more famous in Japan, but there are too many surfers there so people like coming to Oceanside too.

PJ: Are there more longboarders or shortboarders in Japan? Do you ever ride a longboard?
MS: I never ride longboards. (Laughter) I think longboards are now getting popular in Japan. Many older guys are coming back to the ocean with longboards. That's a little dangerous for me. (Laughter) 

PJ: We hear that there is a vibrant contest scene in Japan. Is it possible for girl surfers to have a career surfing only on the Japanese tour?
MS: Yes. Actually, the top 8 girls only surf on the Japanese tour. They just surf and don't have to have another job. And a couple of girls are trying to go on the world tour.

PJ: The Japanese girls’ tour...is it all the year around or is it only during a certain season? Do you go all throughout Japan?
MS: Only April through November. After the contests we can go to Indonesia or the United States.

PS: I remember when I was in Sri Lanka a few years ago they had a Japanese Professional Surf Association contest in Hikkaduwa. Is that part of the tour?
MS: Same tour but that contest was for longboarders.

PJ: They go to a different country for a Japanese Tour?
MS: Yes, in Bali. We have one in Uluwatu in June. Only one contest in Bali. Last year it was at Keramas in Bali. That is a good contest.

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