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PJ: In Japan when I was surfing there sometimes I would see a lot of dead fish and dolphins in the water, and for me it was hard to breath. Is it polluted there? I was in Chiba a lot.
MS: Yeah. Chiba is close to Tokyo so there's dirty water there. But my place is not dirty.

PJ: So the water is a different color? What color?
MS: My place is clear. Chiba looks dirty and dark, the beach has black sand so it looks very dark.

PJ: Do you think people in Japan take care of the environment or do they need to be more careful?
MS: Yeah. More careful. Maybe after the war people didn't care too much. But now they care. They are getting better.

PJ: I heard in Japan people get their car rigged specially for surfing. They have navigation systems that plug into surf reports. Do you have that and do you simply type in requests and find the waves?
MS: I just have a cell phone with information that I'm always checking. I think most Japanese surfers have a specialized surfing car. Bucket, water jug, hot shower...and everything is clean and perfect.

PJ: I remember in Japan I liked how they had vending machines that you could get hot coffee or beer in a can. Do they still have them?
MS: Automatic drinking? Yeah yeah. Still selling beer and cigarettes.

PJ: Is smoking still really big in Japan?
MS: Yes, my mom smokes too. 

PJ: I remember everyone smoking after they went surfing.
MS: Before surfing they smoke, and then go surfing and come back and smoke. CHARGE!! Very crazy. (She makes smoking motions.) 

PJ: Your dad owns a surf shop in Japan. We hear it has an interesting name. Could you tell us about that?
MS: (Laughter) My Dad's surf shop called Doors, like the band. My daddy likes The Doors.

PJ: So he called the surf shop after the band?
MS: Yes.

PJ: That is funny.You've mentioned that your mom doesn't like the beach too much. What did she think about you becoming a surfer?
MS: Hmm. Um, I don't know really. But she likes that I surf and that I am in the contests.

PJ. Does she come and watch?
MS: No, just, she doesn't like the beach. She likes too see me in the magazines.

PJ: Do you have a big family?
MS: Yep. My parents, my twin sister, her name is Erii, and my young brother. He is living in Australia for 4 years; he's learning surfing and English.

PJ: We've heard that you're getting married soon. Who's the lucky guy?
MS: (Laughter) He is!! (Points to steve) He is the lucky guy!! I think so!! Just kidding. I am lucky!! (Lots of laughter)

PJ: You've spent a good amount of time in America. What are a few of the differences between Japanese and American culture?
MS: There are many differences. The first time I came here I was very surprised about the foods. There are very big portions here...like twice as much! When we go to the hamburger shop, such a BIG hamburger and so many fried potatoes. I can't finish it all! Never! Everything is big here I think. The people are different, very friendly here. Ah yeah, I like it.  


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