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Name - Marii Sugiura
Website - http://members.aol.com/mariisugiura
Age - 26
Hometown - Kota-town
Sponsors - Billabong, Pacific Dreams, Tools, Kustom, Nixon, Damai, Doors Surf Studio
Stance - Regular
Surfboards/Shapers – 5'9" Steele Lowie, Brett Warner, Chris Garrett
Career Highlights - 2004 JPSA Grand Champion, 2005 JPSA 2nd Place, US Open 13th Place, 2006 JPSA 2nd Place. (JPSA: Japan Professional Surfing Association)

Marii Sugiura Story & Interview conducted by Prue Jeffries at Oceanside Harbor in California

marii sugiura surf video clipMarii Sugiura is one of Japan's top female surfers. We always seem to hear about the top US surfers or the top Hawaiians or even the top Aussies and lately even the top Europeans. Somehow the Japanese get left out of the picture. Getting to sit down and chat with Marii made me realize what a colorful contribution Japanese surfers make to the surfing scene. I would have to say surf-stoked is an understatement!!! Marii comes from surf-stoked lineage, her father owning a surf shop named after THE DOORS!

With the support of her father and the spirit of Jim Morrison running in her veins, Marii lives for the traveling experience and the hunt for surf perfection. With her fiancé who is a pretty hot surfer himself, she lives a fantastical dream. Soon she will be dividing her time between a well-paid career on the Japan Professional Surfing Association tour, world qualifying tour events in the USA and multiple trips to Indonesia whenever she can.

Marii is following her heart and her ability will surely support her on the performance side of surfing. We caught up with Marii right before she was due to head back east for her first trip to Florida.

Prue Jeffries: What is your full name?
Marii Sugiura: Marii Sugiura

PJ: How long have you been surfing and where did you first paddle out on a surfboard?
MS: I started surfing when I was 16 years old. Now I am 26. So 10 years. Actually, where I am living we call Irago Beach, just one hour from my house.

PJ: The town where you go surfing...what are the waves like there?
MS: The waves are very consistent...like waist to chest high. If it gets big, it just closes out. We have many jetties so we can surf everyday.

PJ: Is it very crowded there? A lot of people surf in Japan.
MS: Yeah. When it's waist high, there will be 100 to 200 people waiting like this (points shoulder to shoulder). 

PJ: I know, I have never seen anything like it.
MS: That's why I like surfing here better.

PJ: Where you live does the water get cold in wintertime and warm in summer?
MS: Yeah, at my place we need booties and gloves and sometimes a head cap (wetsuit hood) from February to March.

PJ: And still, that many people surf?
MS: Yeah. The summer time is very hot, more so than here. We have very clearly four seasons which change fast.

PJ: In the summer the sun comes up at 4 am?
MS: Yeah. (smiles)


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