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Name - Kyla Langen
Age - 24
Hometown - Carlsbad, CA
Sponsors - O'Neill, Gallaz, Anarchy Eyewear, Dakine, Sticky Bumps, T.Patterson Surfboards, Himaya
Stance - Regular
Surfboards/Shapers – various sizes all shaped by Timmy Patterson

Kyla Langen Story & Interview conducted by Holly Beck in Redondo Beach, California

kyla langen surf video clipKyla Langen is the person you wish you could be. Or maybe she's just the person I wish I could be. I've been competing with Kyla for almost ten years and I've always known that she rips and always thought she was a pretty cool chick. This spring I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend some time on the North Shore with Kyla, both of us and all our surfboards crammed into a tiny studio at Rocky Point for three weeks awaiting the Women's Pipeline Championship. It rained everyday, some days all day, and the waves did little to cooperate. The conditions tested the patience of all competitors and some even gave up and went home before the contest even started. And while Kyla does have a little trouble sitting still, she was far from bored. She was always psyched to surf, or go bike riding, or cook up some tasty vegetarian food, or skate circles in the garage, or stretch every muscle in the body, or strum guitar and sing me to sleep. She excels at all these things, and believe me, you don't want to draw her in a heat. She comes from a very cool and supportive family, which also makes her a great friend. She is incredibly talented, earth conscious, soulful, energetic, and passionate. I hope some of that rubs off on me, and maybe you too, because the world would be a better place with more Kylas in it. Read on, and be inspired...

Holly Beck: Well, first things first, let's hear about cute little Kyla learning how to surf...
Kyla Langen: "Cute little Kyla learning how to surf"! Um...my Dad, definitely.

HB: How old were you?
KL: When I first stood up on a surfboard, probably like 4 or 5, but I didn't really go for the surfboard, I liked the bodyboard better.

HB: Oh, ok, so that's where all the JettyGirl bodyboarding questions come from?
KL: Oh yeah, no doubt! I just grew up in the summer time in front of my grandma's house bodyboarding with all my cousins and friends. And then just standing up on the board - on the bodyboards - for as long as we could and then probably seventh or eighth grade was when surfing took over.

HB: What kind of board did you ride then?
KL: A Scott.... was like a foam... shortboard foam board.

HB: Keeping the roots with bodyboarding.
KL: Oh yeah, oh yeah!

HB: Do you still have it?
KL: Oh yeah.

HB: No way, that's sick! When was the last time you rode it?
KL: Probably, uh... like a year and a half ago. Like when I give lessons, when I show people how to surf I'll use that and then I'll hop on it for a wave.

HB: Does it go?
KL: It goes... it's pretty slow, but it goes down the line...

HB: Keepin' that feeling alive?
KL: For sure.


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