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Name - Kimberly Ann Mayer
Age - 24
Hometown - Santa Cruz (east side), California
Sponsors - Aikane Clothing, Hotline Wetsuits, Trixie Surfboards, Stay Covered Accessories, Sector Nine
Stance - Regular
Shaper – Shawn Ambrose
Surfboards – 5'10" Diamond Tail

Kim Mayer Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Carlsbad, California

kim mayer surf video clipMeet Kimberly Ann Mayer - optimistic, passionate and approachable. Surfing for over 11 years, this lively 24-year-old is arguably the best female surfer to come out of Santa Cruz, California. Founded on the east side, at Pleasure Point, her smooth, soulful surfing style pleases the eye and has deemed her a professional. But riding a surfboard is not her only passion. Kimberly's deep love and appreciation for the environment have caused her to rethink surf exploration and get more creative with traveling. She is undoubtedly one to look out for, as she searches the world for waves in unconventional ways. We were fortunate enough to have a chat with Miss Mayer and get a taste of her imaginative, cheerful, and endearing character.

Kyla: What brings you to Carlsbad, California?
Kim: I just needed to get out of Santa Cruz. The water's too cold up there, it went to my head. I kind of started to go crazy, so I came down here. It's nice to switch it up, and not surf the same right point breaks I grew up on. You know, go left here and there.

KL: Yeah, you like surfing backside?
KM: Well, sometimes. Only if somebody is already going right.

KL: How was growing up in Santa Cruz?
KM: It was rad. My brother kind of took me under his wing which was nice. He is friends with all the boys, so I was able to get waves.

KL: Think it would have been hard to get waves if your brother wasn't friends with the boys?
KM: Yeah, it would have definitely been a lot harder.

KL: It's cutthroat in Santa Cruz, huh?
KM: Yeah, they're pretty aggro I’d say.

KL: How about down here?
KM: Localism doesn't seem as bad down here. Except at Warm Water's once, I got in this fight with some guy. He burned me, then yelled at me. But I was used to seeing that in SC.


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