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Name - Kassia Meador
Age - 23
Hometown - Oceanside, California
Sponsors - Roxy, Gravis, Red Bull, FCS, Hawaiian Pro Designs, IGBS.com, Toyota of Huntington Beach
Stance - Goofy
Shaper – Donald Takayama
Surfboards – 9'0" Kassia Meador Performance Model, 9'0" Kassia Meador Noserider Model, 5'4" Fish

Kassia Meador Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Carlsbad, California

kassia meador surf video clipFebruary's JettyGirl Kassia Meador is one of the most recognizable characters in female surfing. Seamless poise in the water and punkish style on land, Kassia has made a living out of gracefully gliding upon waves and being the rock star she is. Born and raised in California's San Fernando Valley, Kass became a local standout at the high-profile, peeling point break of Malibu. She quickly progressed to professional status, winning contests, traveling the world, and becoming Roxy's poster girl. In 2004, Kassia's love for photography prompted her and two friends to create Stardust Productions, and begin capturing female surfers in action. Their first surf film, entitled Fashion, was released last year to a receptive industry. Kassia currently lives in Oceanside, CA, where she surfs, trains, shoots, models, creates art and gets ready for her next bout of travel. We met up with her to probe her mind. See for yourself…

Kyla: How's Kassia been?
Kassia: Kassia's been good, just been hanging out, surfing a bunch. Waves have been so good for the past three weeks, like I'm sure everyone knows, and yeah, I've just been going crazy, surfing everyday. How about you?

KL: Oh, good, I've been in Florida for the Gallaz surf jam. But this is about you dude… Have you met other people with your name?
KM: No, never. I've met like Cassandras and Caseys, and maybe even a Cassia with a "C", but never with a "K". So yeah, like in school I was the only one with my name. That was pretty cool.

KL: What's your whole name?
KM: Kassia Lynn Meador.

KL: Whoa, does everyone say "Mee-door" or is that just me?
KM: No, yeah, people say it all kinds of ways, but yeah it's Meador, like "met-her".  

KL: What nicknames do you get?
KM: I've been called Casserole and a lot of people call me Kassia Rat, and Casper. But most people just call me Kass or Kassi.

KL: What ethnicity are ya?
KM: My mom is full Mexican and my dad is half Italian and half French and English. So I'm a mix, kinda like most everyone else in the states.


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