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julie cox carlsbad noseride, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com

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KL: Alright, shout out!
JC: I want to shout out to my family, and the Collings family, Blu Emursion clothing in Santa Cruz, Sally Smith and Paradise surfshop, Alayna Nathe-Garrison, the Nor Cal Women's Surf Club, Monica Lee, the Santa Cruz girls, Stef Phillips, Jed Noll!! Yeah, all my past sponsors have been awesome. Gallaz, always been rad. Danielle Beck, Nikita. Todd at Soda sunglasses, the Leo Carrillo homies, the crew at Las Olas, Linda Benson. MSA, all my friends around North County. Alison Bailey. Chris at Boardfolio. Kyla Langen. Shout out to Jetty Girl! Shout out! Thank you guys!

Story & Interview by Kyla Langen; Photography by Chris Grant


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