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julie cox cross stepping in Los Angeles county, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com

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KL: So are you going to France in July for the World Longboard Championship in July?
I'm not sure about France right now. I totally want to go, and I could totally slap in on a credit card, but I'm at that point where I don't see as much return as I'd like in that, so I don't know if I have it in me to go. Also, my sponsor is sponsoring the event in France, so I'm figuring they should send a team to represent at that event. So if they don't send us, I might bar it.

KL: Good for you. What's one of your favorite photos you've taken?
JC: I found one the other day, it's a shot in New Zealand, of this one plant, and I cross processed it, and it's with a fish eye lens. It brings me back to this really neat time in my life, all these new experiences and fun travels. I was filming with Thomas Campbell at the time and he had given me the lens and given me inspiration on how to process it and stuff, so I really like that one because of the time and people involved. And there is this one of my friend Scotty, on a big half pipe circle, just really free and about to drop back down on this skate ramp. I have a lot of respect for skaters. I remember the time, he was all stressed out, team managing for Globe, and he took a break and went skating, and I remember his style was just so rad. It's a cool skateboard shot. Check out some photos by Julie

KL: Do you have a joke you could tell us?
JC: How do you make a Kleenex dance?

KL: How?
JC: Put a boogie in it!

KL: Yeah! I've asked every Jetty Girl that question and you're the first to tell me a joke. Congratulations!
JC: Really?! Ah dude! My mom told me that one.

KL: What surfers have influenced you?
JC: First off, Lisa Anderson, her photo was the first I had seen of a female surfer and she looked super stylish and graceful and powerful and beautiful. So her, and Alison Bailey, she used to drive me to the beach. And the three girls I met when I was about 16, Ashley, Kassia and Carla, they were very influential, cause we'd all go surfing together and push each other and we were all kinda doing the longboarding thing at the time - noseriding and cross stepping, and cutbacks and switch stance and whatnot. And then like Prue Jeffries, Falina Spires, Mary Bagalso, Brittany Leonard was pivotal, surfer from Malibu, had a very gentle nature about her, I remember looking up to her. Maureen Drummy, she had a very great feminine style on a longboard. She'd come camp at Leo Carrillo, where I worked, I always thought that was cool, camping girl coming to surf my homebreak. Jeremy and Travis Collings, my boys I grew up with surfing, Dane Peterson, another longboard kid from Malibu, always pushing the limits, I think he rips, he's got a crazy style, but is always a couple steps ahead of everyone. And let's see, Dane Perlee up in Santa Cruz.

KL: Alright, last question - How do you feel about non-surfers/models being used to advertise surf companies when there are plenty of ripper surfer girls that could be used instead?
JC: Chris and I talked about this a little bit. I think it's kind of weird, because that's what a team is all about. You should use your team for marketing because those are the people doing it. I don't know what's up with that world. Are we too muscular or fit for them or something? I don't really get it. Or are we traveling too much and it's too hard to pin us down? It's just strange. There are so many beautiful women that surf and have the confidence and that thing about them that makes them so rad and marketable. So I don't know why they go with the skinny, pinner modeling chicks. Nothing against them, you know, but with the guys, they don't hire guy models. Surfers are beautiful, awesome people, why not take advantage of that? That's the whole reason for having a team I reckon.

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