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julie cox cross stepping in los angeles county, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com

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KL: Do you like to shake your booty on the dance floor?
JC: Now I do, hell yeah!

KL: You used to not?
JC: Well, once I got over being shy. I still have trouble moving my hips. But I work down at this surf camp, Las Olas, in Mexico, and we do salsa dancing down there, and everyone tries to teach me how to move my hips, it's like everyone's goal down there, to get me to move my body more.

KL: Where is Las Olas?
JC: It's down by Puerto Vallarta, in warm, tropical mainland Mexico. I feel really lucky. I thought I'd get the job and maybe work two weeks, 'cause I didn't think teaching surfing was my cup of tea. But, I get flown down to Mexico and get accommodation and food paid for as well as a pay check, and I get to meet the most amazing 18 women per week that I'm down there. They're like big sisters to me, they're successful and adventurous and they want to learn how to surf. And I've definitely taken the time to learn so I love to be able to teach and help people out and see the smile on their faces and the stoke they have for the lifestyle. It's just amazing. And they've been great contacts for me for my life. I've learned a lot through them. My bosses are amazing people too; it's really about empowering women and having a good time. So yeah, I'm a surf instructor and sometimes the massage therapist. It's been the most amazing job ever.

KL: The massage therapist?
JC: Yeah, I've been doing massage for about 3 years. I did environmental studies up in Santa Cruz, and that gave me a sense of the big picture, but I felt kind of insignificant in trying to help these problems. I've always liked the body and bodywork, and I want to help one person at a time, more hands on work, so I went to massage school, and I'm really glad I did it, it was a really good decision.

KL: You didn't quite go for the environmental studies program at UCSC? Huh?
JC: I didn't really focus that much on one particular topic. It was really good for undergrad because I got to take pieces of like water policy and organic farming, and sustainable development along the U.S./ Mexico border and social inequalities, and a really broad spectrum of things. But my favorite class was my last quarter and it was social documentation, where we did a photo and video lab and put together a documentary. So I would love to work on some environmental documentary projects or somehow work in marketing with environmental stuff, it's definitely part of the way I live and think, I think. I'd love to pursue it more, but maybe more from a marketing standpoint, or helping with projects that are environmentally sound. My goal was to get a degree, and keep surfing, then work in the surf industry. So, yeah, it'll come back around, the environmental thing.

KL: Where's your head been at lately?
JC: I've been trying to figure out my path, like always. I'm a person who has a lot of different projects, a lot of different interests, so it's hard for me to focus on one thing. But I've been really into pursuing photography, keeping it has a hobby, but keeping my head in the photographic mode. I've been trying to figure out if I want to chill here in North County, be settled, I'm liking it. And yeah, the whole sponsorship thing is always interesting and something I've tried to keep up on. But things could be changing with sponsors, that's why I wanted to start my own thing too with the surfboards. I kinda always have felt that I'm doing a lot of work but not getting much out of it - a paycheck every so often, but that just reimburses the costs you put into it, always kind of staying even. It's been fun, don't get me wrong, but I'm really excited to push my own little business and be a business owner, and go that direction. I've been spinning out a bit on which direction I'm going, but I feel really lucky with the people I have around me and with everything I have. Sheesh, I've lived so many of dreams already, I can't even believe it. So I'll keep dreaming, and keep positive, things always work out how they should.


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