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KL: Exciting…
JC: I'm stoked, it's been fun designing it, testing the boards, figuring out colors, logos, a really fun creative process, and Jed's been a really fun guy to do it with.

KL: What's your favorite part about being a surfer?
JC: I think the people that I get to meet and hang with and the lifestyle it brings. I've met the greatest people and we can all connect through surfing and share the most amazing times together. It teaches me so much too, I love that it's always a teacher. I have experienced every emotion out in the water, from total embarrassment, going over the falls, to just total happiness, bliss, just in my heart it doesn't get any better than that, or to silliness or anger, frustration, everything. And it just teaches me about life and how to handle situations and it's a challenge everyday. It's a full on physical, mental, spiritual challenge, it's always pushing me and it's different everyday. But I definitely wouldn't do it as much if there weren't so many cool people associated with it. Just running into your friends at the beach, having a cool conversation…that's pretty important for me, I love people.

KL: People person huh?
JC: Yeah, I think so. Sometimes I get shy though, but I like being around people. I like one on one time too, it's good.

KL: How lucky do you feel to be addicted to surfing?
JC: Ha, I definitely feel like if there are any addictions in this life, I'm very lucky that surfing is my drug. It shapes my life.

KL: Did you take dance as a kid?
JC: No, I despised dance. It was so not for me. Skateboarding, basketball, no dance.

KL: So you learned style and grace just through surfing?
JC: Yeah, I don't know where the style thing came from.

KL: In the recent surf film, "Girls Rip", one of your peers described you as having the nicest style she's ever seen, that you're "a smooth cat and a beautiful noserider". Isn't that sweet? Do you hear that often?
JC: I remember when I could first kind of ride a longboard, people would comment on my style, so I was like, oh cool, I guess I have nice style. I guess it kind of came naturally, but I think there are things that you can work on too, like being conscious of your hands, but that's a really great compliment to have nice style I think. Yeah, someone asked me to do a style clinic up in Northern California, so I've been thinking about that question and what makes good style, maybe cross stepping, posture… That's what's so rad about surfing is that everyone has their own natural style they're born with, the way they approach a wave and stuff. I like to try to be smooth and make it look easy. I think a good pro athlete makes whatever their doing look like a breeze.

KL: Are all the girls who surf Malibu really competitive with each other?
JC: You know what is rad, not really, no. We all get along, it's pretty cool. It's neat 'cause we're all so into surfing still and have gone our own way about it, but we still surf together and aren't hardcore on each other at all. Recently actually, I went up to do a photo shoot for Wet magazine and it was about the girls that surf Malibu. It was this posse, and it was the coolest feeling, 'cause now there are all these girl groms, well, they're turning into total women, in their early twenties, late teens, and Kass was at the shoot and Carla and then the younger girls. And we all had such a good time, kicking it on the sand. You know, you're there the entire day, surfing a couple sessions, then walkng to get a sandwich or ice cream, and sharing your latest stories with everyone. It's a pretty rad scene up there, good times for sure.


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