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Name - Julie Cox
Age - 26
Hometown - Oceanside & Santa Cruz
Sponsors - Roxy, Gallaz, Jed Noll Surfboards, Back in Da Water
Stance - Regular
Surfboards/ShapersJed Noll: 9'0" "Sapphire", 9'2" "Emerald", 9'5" "Diamond", 6'6" "Ruby"; 6'0". Dane Perlee: 6'0" Fish.

Julie Cox Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Oceanside, California

julie cox surf video clipJulie Cox is rad. Cruisey, conscious, and compassionate, she's an inspiration and role model to many people. Julie's zest for life, creativity, motivation, smarts, and healthy lifestyle allow her to fill her days doing the things she loves most: surfing, massage and photography. Born and raised in Agoura Hills in the Canejo Valley, Julie's natural surfing style made her a standout local at Leo Carrillo and Malibu. Passionate about the environment, The Cox attended UC Santa Cruz and earned a degree in environmental studies. She now resides in San Diego's North County, where she juggles her various creative projects and exemplifies a true California surfer girl. But don't just take it from us, see for yourself what makes Julie Cox such an interesting, cool cat…

Kyla Langen: Ready to roll?
Julie Cox: Ready to rock and roll.

KL: Thanks for doing this.
JC: No worries, thanks for asking me to be the June JettyGirl.

KL: Let's start with a super complex question, full name…
JC: Julie Cox

KL: No middle name? How's that working out for ya?
JC: It's kinda interesting. A lot of people like to plug something in, and with a last name like Cox, it can turn into some interesting names. I think my mom wanted my middle name to become Cox when I got married. She was thinking ahead.

KL: What kinds of nicknames have you acquired?
JC: Jules is the most common. Nag Champa is an incense I adore, so Cox Champa became the nickname. Coxadopolis, the whole Cox thing comes into play. But Jules is the one I prefer.

KL: …as in the Jule collection. Can you share with us about your Jule collection?
JC: Yeah, I came to Jed Noll with an idea I've had for a little while. First I just had an idea for one board, but I didn't necessarily want it to be a Julie Cox signature model. I knew I like having a quiver of boards - a log, a high performance longboard, an all around longboard, a fish, I think its fun to surf all kind of boards. So Jed was really down with the idea of doing a women's line of boards, and we titled it the Jule Collection. We're doing the diamond model, the emerald, the sapphire, the ruby and the opal. It's really feminine, but not teeny bopper hopefully, more for women in their 20's, 30's, 40's 50's, 60's…70's, 80's, 90's…kinda elegant, hopefully classy, really high quality boards. I've put a lot of time into helping teach women how to surf in the past few years so I've been trying to take into account what they tell me - how their bodies are, how they like to surf… Along with the dimensions I like, and what I think works well, so we're working really hard on that. The single fin, the all around longboard and the fish should all be done by summer, but yeah, julecollection.com or jednollsurfboards.com, and you can check out more about it.

KL: Is this the first of its kind maybe?
JC: Kristy Murphy and Jenny Flanagan had a lot to do with Siren Surfboards, which is a girl's line of Channin. They worked with this guy Kevin to start Siren and it's doing pretty well, it's gotten a good response. So this isn't the very first thing. I've kinda looked to them for inspiration on how to go about doing it.

KL: Any idea what shops will carry them?
JC: I hope Paradise Surfshop in Santa Cruz, maybe Rocker Boardshop in L.A., and Hansen's and South Coast in the San Diego area have been responsive. Jed Noll has reps on the East Coast, Europe and the West Coast. We're not looking to do a billion of them, but we want people to be happy, they can customize the board if they want. It's about keeping it really good quality. We don't need to be everywhere; we just want to have really good relationships with the shops we're in, and with the customers. We just want to do it right.


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