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holly beck throws tail in the south bay, surf photo by chris grant, jettygirl.com


this month's jettygirl holly beck


KL: When did you first realize that the whole pro surfer thing was going to work out for you?
HB: Well, I started surfing when I was a sophomore, so when I graduated high school I never thought I'd be a pro surfer, so I went to college, and after my 1st quarter Jim Russi called up and said "we're going to Puerto Escondido, and Kristin Quizon was supposed to go but she's underage, we're leaving Monday, can you go?" so I went, and Prue Jeffries, Falina Spires, and Frieda Zamba were on the trip - world class surfers you know, in this amazing environment, you know gnarly waves. And I just remember thinking "these girls are way better than me, but they're maybe not as much better than me as I had thought." And after that trip they were going on to Australia for the next contest, and I was going back to sit in a lecture hall. and it was then I said "I think I can do this. Can I do this? I'm gonna DO THIS!" So I started taking extra classes, and summer school, and graduated a year early, and now I'm doing it.

KL: Rad. Why psychology?
HB: Just 'cause. I was kinda leaning toward business, but UCSD didn't have a business program, and my dad recommended I check out a few classes. I figured it pretty much applies to anything - learning about people, thinking about how people think and how they react to things. Which you could use in any kind of job in marketing or whatever, learn how to sell something to someone, which I figure is gonna be good for a post surfing career, maybe a little marketing action. Who knows.

KL: Yeah, you hoping to get into that?
HB: It's not what I hope to do, but it's kinda like plan B. I wanna move to a foreign country and either have a little restaurant, or surf camp. Not somewhere that exploits the place, no running surf tours, but a little surf friendly hotel that serves good healthy food that won't work you and keep you out of the water. But if that doesn't work out I could always do the whole marketing thing.

KM: Do you want to see the sport grow?
HB: That's the weird question, 'cause I'm torn. Part of me says of course. That's my paycheck, so the more little girls that get fired up on surfing and wanna go out and buy boards and surf clothes, the better for me as a professional surfer. But me as just a surfer? No, I want to see the sport die, ‘cause it's way too crowded and they're aren't enough waves. 'Cause as surfers we're selfish, I mean, I know I want as many waves as I can get and the fewer people out the better.

KL: Do you think cat's can see ghosts?
HB: Um, I don't know. That's a good question. I don't think they can.

KL: Really?!
HB: I don't think anyone can see ghosts. Unless ghosts choose to be seen, and then they can be seen by you, or cats, or whoever. I don't think that cats have any secret powers that they can see ghosts and we can't though. Maybe they can sense them better, it's possible, but I don't think they see ghosts.

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