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this month's jettygirl holly beck

Name - Holly Beck
Age - 25
Hometown - Redondo Beach, California
Sponsors - Body Glove, Freestyle, Rusty, Paul Mitchell, Sector 9 Skateboards, Dakine
Stance - Goofy
Shaper – Rusty Preisendorfer
Surfboards –  5'10x18.1x2,    5'11x18.1x2.05,    6'0x18.2x2.06,    6'3x17.9x2.07

Holly Beck Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Carlsbad, California

holly beck surf video clipDetermined and well educated, Holly Beck is helping break down surfer stereotypes and legitimize women in sports. Her stint with television has helped bring both herself and surfing into the mainstream. Ms. Beck is a bone fide globe trotter, recently filling her passport and getting 64 new pages to fill. An interviewer's dream, the camera savvy Scorpio offers knowledgeable responses and displays true passion for the sport of surfing. Yet despite immense media attention, Holly is humble, claiming to still be the dork she was in high school. Down for adventure and ultra competitive, the honest Californian is never afraid to offer encouragement or call you out. She's rad, she's famous, she's Holly Beck…

Kyla: Alright, give us the basics...
Holly: Holly Sue Beck. I'm 25 years old, I'm a Scorpio, born October 27, 1980. I grew up in Palos Verdes, now live in Redondo Beach, California. I Graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in psychology in 2001, and now I'm cruising, doing the WQS.

KL: Do you know how many results come up when you plug "Holly Beck, surfing" into Google?
HB: I don't. I don't at all.

KL: 58,600 results.
HB: Heavy.

KL: How did you get so popular?
HB: I don't know. Well, a huge thing was that Boarding House TV show... But it's funny, I was never popular growing up. I was the biggest dork in school, super low self confidence, never wanted to hang out. And I am a dork still, but people seem to think otherwise for some reason, which is very strange. That TV show had a lot to do with it. It ended up airing all over the world later on.

Like I was eating breakfast in South Africa about 2 years after the show aired at home, so all the hubbub had kinda died down and these girls were staring at us. And I was like "dude, why are these girls staring so hard?" And my sister was like "they probably know you from the show," and I was like 'no it wasn't here' and they came over and yep, that's what it was, after the fact it ran worldwide.


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