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Name - Claire Bevilacqua
Age - 23
Hometown - Perth, Western Australia
Sponsors - Volcom, Nixon, JC Hawaii, Gravis, Electric, Jetty Surf, Squid Grip
Stance - Regular
Surfboards/Shapers – various sizes shaped by John Carper of JC Hawaii; additional shapes by Western Australia shaper Colin Earle

Claire Bevilacqua Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in Oceanside, California

claire bevilacqua surf video clipCrazy, Loving, Animalistic, In-your-face, Retarded, and Extreme... coming straight from the horse's mouth, that is how Claire is spelled. Known better as "Bevo", this ripping West Oz native is never afraid to speak her mind or tackle you to the ground. Surfing her second year on the WCT, the feisty 23-year-old is currently the 8th best female surfer in the world. Hard on the outside and soft in the middle, Claire's strong personality and fly moves in the water have brought her into surfing's limelight. Spending time in Southern California during a break from the tour, we met up with Claire for a couple surf sessions and an in-depth chat.

Kyla Langen: Alright Claire Bevilacqua, let's try to keep this interview PG. You're a WCT surfer from Perth, Western Australia - you're young, coordinated, fit, happy, sponsored by Volcom… how do you keep it all from going to your head?
Claire Bevilacqua: I have a pretty solid family and friend system around me. My brothers have always pretty forcefully kept me in line, so it's hard to get a big head or get full of yourself when you've got people around you to constantly bringing you back to reality.

KL: So you don't think you have a big head?
CB: Do YOU think I have a big head?

KL: ….uummm…
CB: Nah. I'm cocky, but I don't have a big head. There is a difference. I'm only cocky with what I can back up. That's part of my personality; I think it's funny to be cocky sometimes. But a big head is different. I wouldn't have any friends if I had a big head.

KL: True. Man it's hot. How's this weather we've been having?
CB: I'm really into the hot weather. I'm not sure my skin likes it, 'cause on tour we pretty much follow summer around all year. But I can't stand the cold. I'm all about bringing on the heat and the warm weather. Nothing is better than surfing in bikinis.

KL: Have you been feisty, bold and vulgar since birth?
CB: Ha, definitely feisty. The vulgar part came out pretty much as soon as I turned four or five. I have three revolting brothers, and was just surrounded by things a kid isn't normally surrounded by. So I grew up pretty fast, but I definitely know how to control it when I need to. I know how to tame my feral side when I have to. It's all about balance.

KL: What have you been doing during this break from tour?
CB: I've been here renting a room in my friend Kassia Meador's house, pro longboarder extraordinaire, and just surfing a lot. I had an ankle injury and was out for a month that seemed like forever, so now I'm just doing my thing in the water.

KL: I hear you've been honing your aerial skills. Think you'll start boosting in heats?
CB: I definitely looked up to Mel (Bartels) growing up. I've been practicing my airs for a couple years now and I'm finally confident in landing them consistently, so yeah, I could do them in heats. But contests are another thing, I don't surf anything like I do in real life in a heat. So I just gotta focus on surfing really good all-around in heats and maybe slip in an air every once in a while if I'm controlling the heat.


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