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Name - Anastasia Ashley
Website - anastasiaashley.com
Age - 19
Hometown - Malibu CA
Sponsors - Oakley, AmazingTaste.com, Kicker Audio, Power Bar, Infinity Surfboards
Stance - Regular
Surfboards/Shapers – 5'10" x 17 1/2" x 2'' shaped by Dan Boehene of Infinity Surfboards
Career Highlights - 2006 - 2nd place, 1 star WQS ECSC Pro; 2004- 3rd Place, 1 star Hello Kitty Pro WQS; 2003 - 4th place, Cold Water Classic 1 star WQS; 2003 - PSTA Women's Tour Champion; 2003 - Explorer Women's NSSA National Champion; 2003 - ASP Triple Crown Rookie of the Year; official spokesperson for the PETA organization.

Anastasia Ashley Story & Interview conducted by Kyla Langen in San Clemente, California

anastasia ashley surf video clipAnastasia Ashley beats to the sound of a different drum. On track to Hollywood celebrity stardom, the spontaneous nineteen-year-old found an unoccupied niche and made herself at home. Featured in numerous out-of-industry publications such as FHM and Askmen.com, Stasia is arguably the most widely seen female surfer. Debuting in surf contests at age 7, Anastasia quickly became accustomed to beating girls two or three times her age. Currently living in Malibu, California, the regularfoot uses her surfing skills, good looks and model savvy body to make a career out of her passion. With renewed drive for competition, Ms. Ashley plans to compete around the globe on the World Qualifying Series in 2007. A crazy, fun, loving and distinct character in the surfing world, JettyGirl is happy to highlight Anastasia Ashley…

Kyla Langen: Thanks for driving down and being the subject of scrutiny.
Anastasia Ashley: Don't ask me too many hard questions.

KL: You can always say "pass". Sooo, the infamous Anastasia Ashley. Does she have a middle name?
AA: I do. Electra.  

KL: Electra! no way.
AA: Yeah.

KL: Anastasia Electra Ashley. Awesome. How come you haven't run with that?
AA: It seems a little wacky. My name is fun enough as it is. It doesn't need more spice.

KL: True. Have you been pretty busy lately?
AA: Yeah, just surfing and training.

KL: What kind of training?
AA: I've been going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I do cardio, weights, strength training, stretching, pilates, everything.

KL: How's living in Los Angeles?
AA: Good, it's fun. There has actually been some pretty good waves. When I first moved up I thought the waves were kind of a joke, but I've actually found that the waves at times are as fun as Orange County. Only difference is everything is really spread out.

KL: How long have you been living in LA?
AA: Well I've always kinda lived up there. My dad lives there so I split my time. But I've been fully up there for a year.

KL: In the city?
AA: I live in Malibu, my dad lives in the city.

KL: Age?
AA: 19

KL: How old do you feel?
AA: My age. Sometimes I try to think of myself as more mature, but then I realize I still have a lot to learn and I feel my age.


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