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Favorites Take Control on Day 1 of Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships

chelsea williams at the roxy women's world longboard championships Chelsea Williams pulled down the highest wave score of the day with an excellent 8.75 point ride. Photo: ASP Rowland © Covered Images

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Favorites Take Control on Day 1 of Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships

BIARRITZ, France (Friday, July 11, 2008) - The third edition of the Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championships (WWLC) got underway today at La Côte des Basques in wind-blown two to three foot (0.5 to 1 meter) waves. With the high tide not allowing any surf, the first competitors paddled out at 2 PM (GMT+1) and sixteen heats were wrapped up for this first day of action.

Chelsea Williams (AUS), who placed equal 3rd in the Roxy ASP WWLC last year, put on a show for her first appearence in the event and ended up winning Heat 10 with a solid 14.75 point heat result (out of a possible 20), including an excellent 8.75 point ride (out of a possible 10). Williams, who has been a top female longboarder for a couple of years now, showed other competitors whe was in excellent form and aiming at a big result.

"My first wave was fantastic, very long, so I could do a lot of moves on it", Williams said. "I am stoked to have this excellent point ride, and I will feel more confident for the following heat."

Williams, who defeated European longboarders Estitxu Estremo (EUK) and Caroline Angibeaud (FRA), advances through to Round 3 and avoids the sudden-death round scheduled for tomorrow.

Jennifer Smith (USA), reigning ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion, was much awaited for her start in the event and came close to a second place finish in Heat 8. Smith, who was surfing against Kelly Nicely (USA) and Event Wildcard Ophelie Ah-Kouen (REU), was out of rhythm in the messy ocean and had to wait for a last-second ride to jump in first and avoid Round 2.

"I totally freaked out when I started to surf because the flag did not turn and I did not hear anything", Smith said. "I was very nervous but I am stoked now. It is going to be very hard to defend the title because the surfing level is much higher than last year."

Crystal Dzigas (HAW) was a winner as well today when she defeated Emma Wilson (AUS) and Kirsty Webster (AUS) in a low scoring Heat 6.Dzigas, 2007 ASP Women’s World Longboard Tour No. 5, paddled out in the outgoing tide conditions and secured her win thanks to her two last rides to finish with a 9.90 point heat total (out of a possible 20).

"I was very nervous in the water and fortunatly I did not hear the results during the heat", Dzigas said. "Physically I feel very good but psychologically I am a bit under stress because my goal is to do better than last year. I finished 5th, so it is going to be hard to do but I have to be more confident, I believe I can do it."

Schuyler McFerran (USA), 2006 ASP Women’s World Longboard Champion, suffered an unexpected Round 2 relegation when she placed third to Isabelle Braly (FRA) and famous Honolulu rising surfer Carissa Moore (HAW). McFerran, who placed equal 9th last year in Biarritz, will have to find her way out of her one-on-one encounter against Marianne Bellegarde (FRA) when competition resumes tomorrow.

Carissa Moore (HAW), who will be surfing in the ASP Grade-2 Women’s Roxy Pro Junior from Monday, July 14, managed to advance through to Round 3 today and enjoyed her first paddle-out in the French Basque water.

"This is my first contest here and I am still nervous", Moore said. "I know everything can change, I am not used to this spot and it is hard to surf with the tides but I am riding my favorite longboard and stoked I won the first heat."

Justine Dupont (FRA), who finished runner-up in 2007 behind Smith, led the 10-surfer French contingent winning her first encounter with a promissing 13.50 point heat total (out of a possible 20) but had to use tactics against an inform Karina Abras (BRA) who was relegated to Round 2.

"I don’t know what happened, I was very stressed and could not focus hard enough", Dupont said. "I was nervous and shaking all heat long and found rhythm in the end only."

Dupont, 16, a favorite for the Roxy ASP crown, was relieved to secure a Round 1 win and will enjoy her time off to relax before she starts with the one-on-one match-ups in Round 3.

"I tried my best to concentrate and wanted to get confidence back", Dupont said. "That last wave came right on time and I knew it was the one that would make me win the heat. I am relieved now."

Thirty-two girls will meet tomorrow Saturday, July 12, at 8 AM (GMT+1) for a possible Round 2 start at La Cote des Basques.

All news, results and photos available at and

Heat 1: Julie Cox (USA) Vs Ophelie Ah-Kouen (REU)
Heat 2 : Schuyler Mc Ferran (USA) Vs Marianne Bellegarde (FRA)
Heat 3 : Leah Dawson (USA) Vs Caroline Angibeaus (FRA)
Heat 4 : Selby Riddle (AUS) Vs Georgia Young (AUS)
Heat 5: Claire Karabatsos (FRA) Vs Emma Wilson (AUS)
Heat 6: Kelly Nicely (USA) Vs Alizee Stoklosa (FRA)
Heat 7: Karina Abras (BRA) Vs Justine Mauvin (FRA)
Heat 8: Estitxu Estremo (EUK) Vs Yoko Furuchi (JPN)
Heat 9: Cristiana Pires (BRA) Vs Marloes V Elswijk (NDL)
Heat 10: Kirsty Webster (AUS) Vs Sarah Baum (ZAF)
Heat 11: Helene Chabeaud (FRA) Vs Marine Ah-Kouen (REU)
Heat 12: Sabrina Olas (BRA) Vs Rachel Barry (USA)
Heat 13: Isabelle Braly (FRA) Vs Candice O’Donnel (GBR)
Heat 14: Claire Dereux (FRA) Vs Kelly Coward (USA)
Heat 15: Emma Neuschwanger (REU) Vs Gaelle Szymkowiak (FRA)
Heat 16: Rachel Wadoux (FRA) Vs Nathalie Destendau (FRA)

Heat 1 : Kelia Moniz (HAW) 11.25 pts, Leah Dawson (USA) 9.50 pts, Yoko Furuchi (JPN) 5.30 pts
Heat 2 : Kassia Meador (USA) 9.75 pts, Claire Dereux (FRA) 8.30 pts, Justine Mauvin (REU) 4.45 pts
Heat 3 : Carissa Moore (HAW) 12.00 pts, Isabelle Braly (AUS) 10.40 pts, Schuyler Mc Ferran (USA)10.10 pts
Heat 4 : Jennifer Flanningan (USA) 6.00 pts, Alizee Stoklosa (FRA) 5.55 pts, Sabrina Olas (BRA) 5.00 pts
Heat 5 : Roxy Towill (ZAF) 9.10 pts, Julie Cox (USA) 6.80 pts, Hélène Chabeaud (FRA) 4.35 pts
Heat 6 : Crystal Dzigas (HAW) 9.90 pts, Emma Wilson (AUS) 7.00 pts, Kristy Webster (AUS) 6.35 pts
Heat 7 : Joy Monahan (HAW) 11.85 pts, Georgia Young (AUS) 8.50 pts, Cristiana Pires (BRA) 8.25 pts
Heat 8 : Jennifer Smith (USA) 13.50 pts, Kelly Nicely (USA) 11.40 pts, Ophilie Ah-Kouen (REU) 5.30 pts
Heat 9 : Justine Dupont (FRA) 13.50 pts, Karina Abras (BRA) 11.25 pts, Marianne Bellegrade (FRA) 6.10 pts
Heat 10 : Chelsea Williams (AUS) 14.75 pts, Estitxu Estremo (ESP) 8.90 pts, Caroline Angibeaud (FRA) 6.55 pts
Heat 11 : Coline Menard (FRA) 10.50 pts, Emma Neuschwanger (REU) 7.75 pts, Marloes V Elswijk (NDL) 3.00 pts
Heat 12 : Lindsay Steinriede (USA) 9.25 pts, Selby Riddle (AUS) 6.90 pts, Sarah Baum (ZAF) 5.40 pts
Heat 13 : Yuko Shimajiri (JPN) 7.00 pts, Marine Ah-Kouen (REU) 3.10 pts, Rachel Wadoux (FRA)
Heat 14 : Miku Uemura (HAW) 11.50 pts, Nathalie Destandau (FRA) 7.00 pts, Rachel Barry (USA) 5.90 pts
Heat 15 : Myriam Imaz (ESP) 9.65 pts, Claire Karabatsos (FRA) 8.95 pts, Candice O’Donnell (GBR) 5.35 pts
Heat 16 :Kailtin Maguire (USA) 14.50 pts, Kelly Coward (USA) 8.10 pts, Gaelle Szymkowiak (FRA) 4.35 pts




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