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North Shore State Representative Michael Magaoay Authors Women’s Contest Permit Resolution

alana blanchard

crystal dzigas

Left: Two-time Pipeline Pro winner, Alana Blanchard. Above: Crystal Dzigas takes on Backdoor. Photos: ©


North Shore State Representative Michael Magaoay Authors Women’s Contest Permit Resolution
Wednesday, March 19, 2008, Haleiwa, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Contest permit allocations are a controversial issue on Hawaii’s famous North Shore.  In the permit process the Women were left out of receiving a go-ahead to run their 4th annual stand alone event The 4th Annual Women’s Pipeline Pro, consisting of shortboarding, longboarding and bodyboarding at Pipeline in March. This was devastating to many of the Women surfers. Pipeline though dangerous is being ridden more and more by female surfers from around the world. “ Not getting a permit put a damper in the progress of the event for these girls”, said contest director Betty Depolito. “Sponsors need to see a project that they can be involved with on a long term basis. Something that they can build on, so it has been problematic on several levels.”
This particular event has seen a sharp increase in support over the three year permitted period raising a substantial prize purse for the three divisions and providing
A great opportunity to Women surfers to showcase their talents. “ I grew up surfing Pipeline with my dad and the boys, it’s an awesome wave”, said Shea Hodges. “many girls get barreled and get coverage. The girls have something to prove and having an event at Pipeline is amazing for all of us girls to show the public what we have talent wise”. David Baltazar wrote this comment, “ Women’s surfing already gets the worst conditions in the mixed events, let’s not take away their events completely. A city that benefits so much from surfing should know better than to hold back Women’s surfing, they need the respectable locations.” “I really hope to be able to compete at Pipeline again, just the girls”, explained Bethany Hamilton. “ It’s one of the best waves and all of us girls have been honored to have the spot to ourselves. I can speak for the other girls too in saying that we love surfing and competing at Pipe!”  This is a comment from a tourist from Vancouver BC. “I am appalled that you are unable to secure Pipeline. I was able to watch the finals and I remember thinking wow the Hawaiian's have it right. It is not just about Pipe but about providing inspiration and motivation to local girls to take up the sport or to continue to work hard to follow in the Woman’s footsteps…I saw great role models there.”
There is a new group of Women that are dedicated to riding Pipeline and they can’t be stopped. The fact is that there are few events they can surf in and no pro events that are open to the entire Hawaiian contingent making it difficult to get points to excel on their surfing tours. “It seems the trend is to have 120 men and 16 woman in events on many levels.” Depolito explained. “I personally just think that the consistency in providing Women opportunities has been overlooked. I am working with the State and City to be sure the reminder is there, sometimes it’s got to be set in stone, some opinions are a bit hard headed as mine are! I want the girls to have as many opportunities as any body should have, after-all women seem to be fueling the market right now!”
There are big steps being taken. State Representative, Michael Magaoay District 46 North Shore has authored House Concurrent Resolution 278, requesting the Mayor, City Council and the Department of Parks and Recreation “to implement a fair and balanced permitting process to ensure women are treated equitably in their applications for permits” Representative Magaoay responded immediately to the request that women were being overlooked during the permitting process this season.

He wrote the Resolution to insure the process will be fair and balanced. The Resolution has been filed and will take effect during the Legislative Session of 2008. Representative Magaoay’s Resolution was met with great enthusiasm from over 20 State Representatives who love surfing and want to see a fair and balanced process for the women.
(see the entire resolution at: (scroll down to 278) or on in news.
The permit rules are in the process of being changed and the community, promoters, state and city officials all have a say in this process on some level. “It is my hope that the amount of events don’t increase very much, we need level headed protection of valuable North Shore resources”, expressed Depolito. “ In reflection though I don’t want our Hawaii girls to get CUT OFF any more than they do, we have to think about that for our girls and those girls all over the world that want to challenge themselves, it’s a healthy progression! I am working on a new TV show that supports these athletes and I will continue to make my own strides on this level. I was told by a male surfer 15 years ago to go home and make cookies, my recipe is just a bit different!”
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