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Welcome to JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine's collection of photo galleries. Enjoy :)

Jasset Umbel 2010.08.30
Surfers: Kaleigh Gilchrist, Jasset Umbel, Taylor Pitz, Sara Taylor & Jenna Balester
Photographers: Chris Grant
Images from "Some Lefts, Some Rights & Five Bright Lights"
Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Lakey Peterson, Leila Hurst at Supergirl Pro Junior 2010.08.20
Surfers: Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Lakey Peterson, Leila Hurst, Carissa Moore, Brittani Nicholl, Amy Nicholl and a bunch more
Photographers: Chris Grant
Images from the 2010 Supergirl Pro Junior held at Oceanside Pier on August 14, 2010.
Kelly Nicely, June Gloom photo feature by Chris Grant 2010.06.07
Surfers: Sara Taylor, Kyla Langen, Kelly Nicely, Amy Nicholl, Kenzie Kessler, Amber Puha, Danielle Burt and twenty-three other surfers
Photographers: Chris Grant
From the "June Gloom" photo gallery featuring 30 days of surf photos from Chris Grant.
Stephanie Gilmore surf photo © ASP / Kirstin 2010.03.09
Surfers: Stephanie Gilmore, Melanie Bartels, Coco Ho, Chelsea Hedges, Silvana Lima, Rosy Hodge, Lee Ann Curren, Tyler Wright and more
Photographers: ASP/Kirsten, ASP/Cestari
Images from the 2010 Roxy Pro Gold Coast held at Snapper Rocks.
Meah Collins surf photo by Don Ansell 2010.02.21
Surfers: Taylor Pitz, Marissa Shaw, Meah Collins, Sara Taylor, Darlene Conolly, Chloe Buckley, Jenny Quam, Marii Sugiura Bakker and more
Photographer: Don Ansell, Chris Grant
Twenty-image photo gallery from the Valentine's Day Swell of 2010. Surfers include Taylor Pitz, Marissa Shaw, Meah Collins, Sara Taylor, Darlene Conolly, Chloe Buckley, Jenny Quam, Marii Sugiura-Bakker, Lulu Erkeneff, Frankie Harrer and Danielle Wyman.
Heather Tiddens surf photo by Steve Bissell 2010.01.15
Surfers: Eighty-five amazing surfers from around the globe
Photographer: Over 40 of the world's most talented and generous photographers
Time Travel, Desert Islands and Magic Surfboards. The 3rd Annual JettyGirl New Year's Feature showcases 85 incredible surfers answering the same five questions. Surfers included range from the world's best pros to talented artists to singer/songwriters to magazine publishers to the local girl on the beach.
Kyla Langen surf photo by Chris Grant 2009.10.06
Surfers: Sofia Mulanovich, Claire Bevilacqua, Kassia Meador, Holly Beck, Kelly Nicely, Jennifer Flanigan, Kyla Langen, Alexa Frantz and others
Photographer: Chris Grant
Did she make it? JettyGirl takes a look at surf sequences. A twenty-photo gallery taken in and around San Diego County.
Brittani Nicholl surf photo by Chris Grant 2009.10.04
Surfers: Brittani Nicholl
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery accompanied by a short interview with Australian Brittani Nicholl in "Five Minutes with Brittani Nicholl."
Nikita Robb surf photo by Chris Grant 2009.08.31
Surfers: Sofia Mulanovich, Nikita Robb, Claire Bevilacqua, Jenni Flanigan, Jen Smith, Ornella Pellizzari, Bec Woods, and a bunch of other surfers
Photographer: Chris Grant
3 Months of Fun, a fifty-photo gallery of surfer girls enjoying summertime in Southern California.
Jamilah Star portrait by Nikki Brooks 2009.08.31
Surfers: Jamilah Star, Kim Mayer, Kyla Langen, and some Santa Cruz locals
Photographer: Nikki Brooks
Photo gallery accompanies an in-depth interview with Santa Cruz surf photograher, Nikki Brooks
Claire Bevilacqua surfing photo by Chris Grant 2009.07.31
Surfers: Claire Bevilacqua, Rochelle Ballard, Kassia Meador, Holly Beck, Lee-Ann Curren, Rebecca Woods, Sarah Beardmore and others.
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery by Chris Grant accompanies the story "The Most Unlikely of Places."
Kim Mearig photo by Simone Reddingius 2009.06.29
Surfers: Kim Mearig, Frieda Zamba, Alisa Schwarzstein, Jodie Cooper, Rell Sunn, Pam Burridge, Liz Benavidez, Tricia Gill, Debbie Beacham and others
Photographer: Simone Reddingius
Simone Reddingius' 1980's photo gallery from the feature "Eighties Ladies".
Shea Hodges by Chris Grant 2009.06.01
Surfers: Variety of shortboarders and longboarders
Photographer: Chris Grant
30-image photo gallery from the feature "30 Days of Sunshine".
Sormarie Nieves by Chris Grant 2009.05.30
Surfers: Sormarie Nieves
Photographer: Chris Grant
Fourteen-shot gallery of Puerto Rico's Sormarie Nieves in San Diego County. Includes the story "Sormarie Nieves: La Chica del Encanto" by Amanda Rigney.
Jen Smith by Chris Grant 2009.05.28
Surfers: Jennifer Smith
Photographer: Chris Grant
Jen Smith explains how to perform a fin-first takeoff in our latest installment of JettyGirl's School of Sick Tricks. A small gallery displays three sequences of Jen executing the maneuver. Also includes a video clip of Jennifer in action.
Sirens by Liz Cockrum 2009.04.26
Surfers: Cori Shumacher, Kassia Meador, Julie Cox, Jen Smith, Kaley Swift, Leah Dawson, Maria Cerda, Andrea Holeman, Diana Brummett Hansen, Jeannette Prince, Lulu Erkeneff, Jill Hansen, Marissa Graham and an unknown grom
Photographer: Liz Cockrum
Liz Cockrum's Sirens project examines women's surfing and surf culture through a series of portraits, landscapes and detail shots. Beautifully shot in medium format film.
Lexi VonderLieth 2009.03.12
Surfers: Lexi VonderLieth
Photographer: Chris Grant
Lexi VonderLieth shares some tips on surfing in junky waves in our latest installment of JettyGirl's School of Sick Tricks. Also includes a photo gallery of Lexi surfing Newport Beach, California.
tammy-lee smith 2008.11.06
Surfers: Tammy-Lee Smith
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery of South Africa's Tammy-Lee Smith along with a short interview in the latest installment of "Five Minutes."
jettygirl and roxy tents 2008.11.03
Surfers: Variety of longboarders competing in the Roxy Jam Cardiff 2008
Photographers: John Slavin, Shannon Switzer, Chris Grant
Photo gallery of the Roxy Jam Cardiff 2008.Gallery includes images of Kassia Meador, Julie Cox, Cori Schumacher, Summer Romero, Jen Smith, Megan Godinez, Kelly Nicely, Bianca Valenti, Linda Benson, Danielle Beck, Chelsea Williams, Ashley Lloyd and many others.
lauren sweeney 2008.08.21
Surfers: Holly Beck and South Bay Friends meet up with Lauren Sweeney in San Diego
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery of Holly Beck, Lauren Sweeney, Jessica Rodgers, Emily Wratschko and Natalie Anzivino.
courtney conlogue 2008.07.28
Surfers: Courtney Conlogue
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery of Courtney Conlogue along with a short interview in the latest installment of "Five Minutes."
kaitlin maguire 2008.05.22
Surfers: Kaitlin Maguire
Photographer: Chris Grant
Photo gallery of Kaitlin Maguire along with a short interview in the latest installment of "Five Minutes."
jenni flanigan 2008.05.17
Surfers: Jenni Flanigan
Photographers: Chris Grant
A dawn patrol surf session with Florida's own Jenni Flanigan.
asp world tour preview 2008.02.29
Surfers: the ASP Top 17 surfers
Photographers: ASPWORLDTOUR.COM / Covered Images (Tostee, Towner, Kirstin, Karen, Roland)
2008 ASP Women's World Tour Preview by Prue Jeffries. Includes a photo of each surfer on the WCT.
great in 2008 2008.01.05
Surfers: Megan Abubo, Amee Donohoe, Layne Beachley, Rebecca Woods, Sofia Mulanovich, Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Serena Brooke & 22 others
Photographers: Chris Grant, ASPWORLDTOUR.COM / ROBERTSON, Violet Kimble
Great in 2008: Thirty Surfers Look Into the New Year. Thirty of the world's best surfers answer a couple of questions about the new year.
rebecca woods in oceanside 2007.12.10
Surfers: Rebecca Woods, Claire Bevilacqua, Kyla Langen, Megan Abubo, Kassia Meador, Rochelle Ballard, Kim Mayer, Lyndsay Noyes, Sarah Beardmore
Photographer: Chris Grant
A Bright Day in the Summer of No Sun. It's wintertime in Southern California and the water temp is dropping fast. Nevertheless, now's as good a time as ever to reflect on our most recent summer. These photos were taken during a surprise session in Oceanside last July.
lauren sweeney photo gallery 2007.10.16
Surfer: Lauren Sweeney
Photographer: Chris Grant
UCSD History major who also happens to be one of the most progressive female surfers in the world. Part of our ongoing Five Minutes series.
Surfers: Roxy Jam Cardiff surfers and fans
Photographers: Shannon Switzer, Chris Grant
The Roxy Jam Cardiff went off on September 22 & 23, 2007 with current world champion Jen Smith winning the event. The photo gallery contains a few surf images and a bunch of lifestyle shots taken during the competition.
Surfer: Samantha Cornish
Photographers: Anthony Barbatto, Chris Grant
During this past summer, Samantha and I tried to connect for a photo shoot on a variety of occasions but with possibly the worst season of waves and weather on record, the session never materialized. Fortunately, we have some images from the WCT event at Malibu a few years ago so we went with those in combination with her "Five Minutes" feature.
Surfer: Kim Mayer
Photographer: Chris Grant
A 20-image gallery of Kim Mayer from our original JettyGirl photo shoots prior to the January '06 launch of the site. For those that don't know already, it is largely because of Kim that JettyGirl was even created. The first time I saw her surf, she blew my mind...committed cutbacks, spray-throwing snaps, and an unreal style. Toward the end of that first session Kim threw down a turn that inspired an idea that soon became JettyGirl. She's one of my favorite surfers and has a personality that lights up any room she enters.



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