JettyGirl cover girl Linda Benson, JettyGirl September 2006


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For the month of September we are honored to present a special issue of JettyGirl featuring the ageless Linda Benson. Far from resting on her long list of accomplishments, Linda has now thrown her heart and soul into putting on world class events for women longboarders like the Linda Benson Roxy Pro happening at Cardiff Reef in a few weeks time. It has been remarkable to see how much time and energy Linda has put into this endeavor and what's more, it's all been done purely out of the goodness of her heart.

Linda displays a genuine warmth I have seen in very few people during my lifetime. From obvious tourists to the world's best pro surfers, I never once witnessed Linda walk by someone without giving them an enthusiastic "hi" and a friendly smile. It's been a privilege to meet one of surfing's royalty...and it's been an experience I won't soon forget.

Our interview with Linda touches on her experience growing up in North San Diego County, her first time out at Waimea and a behind-the-scenes look at women's professional longboarding. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Linda's latest photos and video clips.

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