JettyGirl cover girl Summer Romero, JettyGirl October 2006


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Our featured surfer for the month of October is 2004 Women's World Longboard Champion, Summer Romero. While a world title might be the pinnacle of other people's lives, Summer takes it in stride and continues down the path she has mapped out ahead of her....a path that now includes a place in the hyper-competitive world of nursing in Southern California. It is simply amazing that Summer surfs at the world-class level she does while maintaining such a rigorous schedule in the nursing program at San Diego State.

Summer's surfing is a wonderful blend of speed, athleticism and creativity. Her fading "right-to-go-left" bottom turn followed by quick cross-steps to the nose is one of the best surfing combinations around. However, despite her wealth of surfing talent, what has left the biggest impression on me is the kind of person Summer is...honest, humble, hard-working and incredibly likeable. Summer is a champion in every sense of the word.

Our interview with Summer touches on her world title, her experiences in the nursing program, and her take on being a role model. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Summer's latest photos and video clips.

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