JettyGirl cover girl Anastasia Ashley, JettyGirl November 2006


Get up close and personal with today's female surfers in JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine, a monthly publication for surfer girls of all ages. Each month we feature one surfer with an in-depth interview, photos and video clips.

Our featured surfer for the month of November is 2003 ASP Triple Crown Rookie of the Year, Anastasia Ashley. Since we started JettyGirl eleven months ago and requests started pouring in to cover this surfer or that one, the name which cropped up more than any other was Anastasia's. As I prepared for the feature I came across dozens of people who all had stories about Anastasia, yet only a few of these people had ever even personally met her. On my drive up to Malibu to meet her for the first time, I remember thinking that Anastasia's probably a pretty normal person who has lived an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary life indeed...PETA spokesperson, professional surfer, model...the list goes on and on yet Anastasia's only been on this planet for 19 years. Behind the multiple magazine spreads, appearances at Hollywood movie premiers and celebrity parties lies a very real person. Humble, kind, funny and generous with her time, I found Anastasia to be delightful ...a pleasure to shoot with and fun to talk to.

Our interview with Anastasia touches on her experiences with celebrity and fame, her thoughts on using non-surfer models in surf company advertisements, and her goals for the 2007 WQS season. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Anastasia's latest photos and video clips.

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