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Get up close and personal with today's female surfers in JettyGirl, a monthly electronic magazine for surfer girls of all ages. Each month we feature one surfer with an in-depth interview, photos and video clips.

With the help of guest host Holly Beck, the July edition of JettyGirl features our own senior writer Kyla Langen. Currently ranked 11th on the WQS, Kyla has her sights set on securing a WCT berth in the near future. With a dynamic yet laid back approach to surfing and life, Kyla is a pleasure to hang and work with. One of my personal favorite photo subjects, Kyla's surfing is silky smooth yet punctuated with amazing bursts of speed and creativity. Our interview with Kyla touches on her love of music, nature and healthy living. She also discusses her involvement with JettyGirl and her hopes for the future of women's surfing. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Kyla's latest photos and video clips.

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