JettyGirl cover girl Marii Sugiura, JettyGirl December 2006


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Our featured surfer for the month of December is 2004 JPSA Grand Champion, Marii Sugiura. On a cool morning in December of 2005 I was shooting with Kyla Langen and Kim Mayer at Oceanside Pier when all of a sudden a carload of ripping Japanese girls paddled out and lit up the place. Since that day I've wanted to do a feature on Marii but wasn't sure when her schedule would bring her back to California. Following a volley of emails back and forth, we decided that December 2006 would be the month of her feature. During the past thirty days I've had the honor of hanging out with Marii and her fiancé Steve (an unbelievable surfer in his own right) and it has truly been an amazing experience. Marii is so kind, thoughtful and patient...I've probably been driving her crazy with my endless questions about life in Japan yet she has graciously answered all of them. Marii's surfing is quick, fluid and precise and it is easy to see why she is a champion surfer in her native country.

In our interview with Marii, she discusses some of the differences between Japan and the United States, shares some details on an upcoming DVD release, and gives some interesting insights into both editorial and advertising coverage in Japanese surf magazines. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Marii's latest photos and video clips.

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