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Get up close and personal with today's female surfers in JettyGirl, a monthly electronic magazine for surfer girls of all ages. Each month we feature one surfer with an in-depth interview, photos and video clips.

This month we take a look at surfer and photographer Nicole Grodesky. On the morning of our first scheduled photo shoot with Nicole, she woke up to find that her truck had been stolen during the night. What followed was a month full of howling onshores, rain, and poor lighting. The fact that we have any material at all is a testament to Nicole's hard work, dedication, and powerful surfing in less than ideal conditions. Nicole is an amazingly gifted photographer, enjoys discussing deep issues, and has an abundance of perseverance. Our interview with Nicole examines the current state of women's surfing, her photography and her experience growing up on the East Coast. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Nicole's latest photos and video clips.

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