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jettygirl school of sick tricks - frontside airs by Lauren Sweeney

The frontside air by Lauren Sweeney in Jettygirl's School of Sick Tricks.

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JettyGirl School of Sick Tricks: Frontside Airs by Lauren Sweeney
- Photos by Chris Grant/

Lauren Sweeney of Encinitas, california. photo by chris grant of


Lauren Sweeney QuickTime surf video clip
Lauren Sweeney Video Clip
Frontside Air

Since intro's should be shorter than the main feature, I'll sum up here. In this edition of JettyGirl's School of Sick Tricks, Encinitas local, Lauren Sweeney, shares some tips on how to launch and land frontside airs. Take notes, then take to the skies in your next surf. Check the video too! --Chris Grant

Step 1:
Approach the lip with an ample amount of speed to ensure lift off.

Step 2: Bend your knees, open up your shoulders, and push off your back foot as if you were to do an ollie on a skateboard and keep your knees sucked up. The faster you go and the higher you suck up your knees to your chest, the bigger your air.

Step 3: Once in the air, you can go for a frontside grab with your back hand or just stay really centered over your board to keep your board under your feet.

Step 4: Look down to spot your landing and begin to push your knees away from your chest (let go of the rail if you did a grab) to get your landing gear ready for impact. Hint: Don't straighten your legs completely because if you land in the flats it might hurt.

Step 5: Land the air and absorb the impact with your legs slightly bent and with your weight centered. Ideally you'd like to land on the lip but that doesn't always happen.

Step 6: Ride away and make sure to give a slight fist pump or double fist pump for good measure.

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Caption Index - Photos by Chris Grant /

1. A frontside launch for Lauren Sweeney before heading back to the mountains for some snow.
2. Lauren Sweeney was nearly a block away from me when she punted this one at her favorite secret spot.
3. A solid grab serves two points and an increased success rate on landings.
4. One of the secret ingredients to a good air session is a touch of onshore wind.
5. Early morning flights in San Diego are never easy due to harsh sunlight on the rights.
6. As her flight descends, Lauren Sweeney hopes for a soft whitewater landing instead of a bulldozing.
7. The first wave I ever saw Lauren Sweeney surf. I was an instant fan!


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