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2010 Supergirl Pro Junior Photo Gallery - Oceanside, California

Supergirl Pro Junior on JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

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2010 Supergirl Pro Junior Photo Gallery - Photos by Chris Grant / ASP World Tour News & Events

Supergirl awards ceremony with Coco Ho, Malia Manuel. Lakey Peterson and Leila HurstThe 2010 rendition of the Supergirl Pro Junior was the second one I've attended and it's a remarkably special event. Although the US Open's circus-like atmosphere garners the vast majority of press, the winner of the Supergirl Pro Junior actually brings home four-times the amount of prize money. In fact, the $10,000 first place check won this year by Hawaii's Coco Ho is the largest in women's pro junior history. The unique thing about Supergirl, however, is that it seems more like a simple gathering at the beach.

Far from being sequestered away in some far away security-controlled VIP tents, Supergirl competitors primarily sit on the sand with their family and friends. Watching the faces of little kids whose own personal "supergirls" were just a towel space away from them was priceless was the poster signing that the promoters put on after the event's conclusion.

I'll let the Supergirl or ASP press releases (linked below) describe the day's competitive events but in closing, the Supergirl Pro Junior lives up to its name in every way. --Chris Grant

(Special note about the photo gallery... my apologies for some of the photos being cropped so tightly. Due to Oceanside's lack of sand right now, much of the contest happened only a few yards offshore. I backed up until I was practically in the tent and it was still too close on most of the shots.)

Supergirl Press Release - Coco Ho Wins 2010 Supgergirl Pro Junior
ASP Press Release - Coco Ho Wins ASP Grade-4 Supergirl Pro Junior


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Caption Index - All photos © Chris Grant /

1. 2010 Supergirl Pro Junior competitors. Right: Coco Ho looking super relaxed. Three hours later she was $10,000 richer.
2. One of America's brightest stars, Lakey Peterson gets some pre-heat advice from USA Team coach, Ian Cairns.
3. The semi-walled high tide dumpers left little room for turns but were perfect for floating the closeout.
4. Malia Manuel's spine-twisting backside attack set the pace early in the day and carried her into the finals.
5. Jasset Umbel's quarterfinal was starved for waves but the stylish Floridian still managed to get a clean turn off.
6. With only the occasional set breaking out the back, strategy was an important part of the competition. Carissa Moore in deep concentration.
7. Carissa bowed out in the Semifinals but still made her mark with trademark 360's and reverses.
8. Many of the girls went with shorter and wider equipment to deal with the tricky conditions. Kaleigh Gilchrist throwing water in the quarterfinals.
9. Catherine Clark ripped in her heat but as is evident here, the waves were far from ideal in the quarterfinals.
10. In the early heats the shorebreak was really quick and Taylor Pitz' down-the-line approach resulted in a victory in Quarterfinal Three.
11. Amy Nicholl took advantage of her small wave board's ability to whip a tight turn in the pocket. Amy won $500 for her frontside 360 later in the day.
12. Fourteen-year-old Bailey Nagy had a stacked quarterfinal but still blasted the lip with flair.
13. At only ten years of age and already a veteran of the Supergirl Pro Junior, it's a safe bet that Meah Collins will win the event in the future.
14. The lone Australian in the Supergirl Pro Junior, Brittani Nicholl is all smiles after advancing through her quarterfinal heat.
15. Growing up in the land of perfect rights, it's interesting to note that Brittani Nicholl has had some of her best results in lefts.
16. Leila Hurst was in fantastic form all day and her shorebreak floaters led her into the Final.
17. Lakey Peterson waits on the sand for the ok to paddle out for the Final. Perhaps thinking about which air variation she'll be punting in her heat...
18. Lakey Peterson on a really short Channel Islands surfed fast and loose and walked away with a 3rd place finish in the Supergirl Pro Junior.
19. The scorecards may have not reflected it in the end but nobody surfed better than Malia Manuel throughout the entire competition.
20. I haven't seen this many floaters since the 80's and although it's not as fashionable as back then, it's still a completely functional move. Malia Manuel.
21. Even Malia Manuel's turns off the foam ended up being something special. Malia's smooth, graceful and powerful surfing landed her in 2nd place overall.
22. Coco Ho's lip blasts scored big points and earned her a win at the Supergirl Pro Junior.
23. While a vertical approach usually wins comps these days, quick lateral surfing was the key to getting across the fast, walled-up Oceanside lefts.
24. Coco Ho's come-from-behind victory came largely on a lined up left that she punctuated with multiple backhand snaps.
25. The Supergirl Pro Junior featured two 'best maneuver' heats won respectively by Florida's Amy Nicholl and Hawaii's Carissa Moore.
26. While Coco Ho hoists the winner's check, 2-time ASP Women's Longboarding World Champion unfurls the famous Supergirl cape.
27. Final results: 4th place - Leila Hurst, 3rd place - Lakey Peterson, 2nd place - Malia Manuel and winning 1st and $10,000, Hawaii's Coco Ho.
28. For the young fans on the beach, the poster signing after the awards ceremony was one of the highlights of the day. At right, Australia's Brittani Nicholl.
29. The sun sets on another successful Supergirl Pro Junior. See you next year :)

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