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Did she pull it? JettyGirl Surf Sequences

Did She Pull It? Surf sequences on JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

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JettyGirl Sequences Volume 1 - Photos by Chris Grant /
JettyGirl Art, Photography & Culture

surfer girl surf sequences on jettygirl online surf magazineLet's face it, sometimes the camera lies. Through the use of lighting and makeup (or lack thereof), photography transforms normal-looking people into supermodels, unknowing celebrities into tabloid fodder, and ok surfers into print superstars. A sequence on the other hand, is more closely aligned with its cousin, the video clip. It's difficult to pull off fakery when the viewer can sit back and see the entire picture.

Did she pull it? How was her body positioning though the entirety of the turn? Did she smile when it was all over?

This month, JettyGirl begins to answer those questions and more in the first of a series of sequence features. We're not sure where the journey will take us but we'll probably be combining the feature with video in the future so stay tuned. Enjoy :)


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Caption Index - All photos ©Chris Grant/

1. Sofia Mulanovich ends every wave with a flourish. Shooting with the world champ was a summertime highlight!
2. It's no wonder our boards get heel dents. Kyla Langen digging in at the apex of her turn.
3. It's amazing how much subtlety goes into even a one-second sequence of noseriding. Kassia Meador.
4. Claire Bevilacqua hooks one in front of Nicole Grodesky on a super fun day in Newport Beach.
5. Whenever Holly Beck would set up for a snap, guys paddling out would slow down to take notes.
6. Kelly Nicely hits the inside section at Cardiff, revealing a bit of fin in the process.
7. A quick four-shot study of Amee Donohoe's lightning-fast, frontside snap.
8. Kenzie Kessler squeezes every last bit of energy out of this knee-high wave with a beautiful, wrapping carve.
9. Argentina's Ornella Pellizzari whips a turn against a hard-to-negotiate whitewatery closeout.
10. Jennifer Flanigan, four quick frames in the midst of a 50-yard noseride across the inside sandbar.
11. At a reef about a 1/2 hour from home, HB local Sara Taylor lights up a fun afternoon session.
12. With typical flawless form, Prue Jeffries floats the inside section of the reef.
13. Blessed with ultra-quick reflexes, Alexa Frantz throws buckets in even the tiniest of sections.
14. Claire Bevilaqua's new Bill Johnson boards were responding so fast under her feet, I think even she was a bit surprised.
15. Old school floaters are so fun! Kyla Langen drifting in late afternoon Oceanside.
16. Australian Brittani Nicholl gets my 'Never Give Up!' award for this spirited fin throw and recovery.
17. North Carolina's Kelly Nicely can perch on the nose forever. Four shots from what could have been a 50-shot sequence.
18. Anyone who wants to learn how to throw huge sprays should contact South Africa's Nikita Robb for pointers.
19. Even a mundane whitewater section becomes special when Lauren Sweeney throws her heart, soul and talent into it.
20. Catching a few waves before dark, Sage Erickson lays down a clean turn in the dying light.

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