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JettyGirl: First off, congratulations on winning the Billabong Girls Pro Itacaré a few weeks ago. When did the reality of your victory sink in...when the horn sounded, during your victory ride up the beach, during the awards presentation? Since most surfers in the world will never know what's it's like to win a WCT event, take us through a few of the highlights on the day of the finals.
Samantha Cornish: Guess it really didn't sink in until later that night when I finally took a second to reflect back on everything that happened throughout the whole week. A few of the girls carried me up the beach on their shoulders and that was a very emotional moment for me. I remember having tears in my eyes as I was so happy!

JG: Following your 3rd place finish in last week's Rip Curl Girls Festival Spain comp, you're now sitting number one on the ASP World Tour ratings. You've had a wild year, from getting the ASP injury wildcard to your current spot as the tour frontrunner. How does it feel to be in your position with only three events remaining? Of those remaining comps, which one are you looking forward to the most and why?
SC: Last year I almost dropped off of tour and the ASP granted me the wild card for '07. They believed in my talent and thought that I deserved a spot on the women's world tour. Last year on tour I had a really bad season and almost lost my spot so you know that saying 'sometimes you don't realize what you have until it's almost gone'? Well that was my realization so I decided to go back to the drawing board and work really hard on my fitness and equipment as well as having a sports therapist. I wanted to come back stronger than ever and mostly prove to myself that I can be one of the best out there. All the hard work I have put in up until now has shown and now I know what it takes to win. The season is far from finished as it's all very close right now in the ratings race but I will be taking the same approach I have done all year and just be staying focused for the upcoming events! Looking forward to Manly as it's in my home country but I also have had great results in Hawaii so I can't wait for that too!

JG: One can't help but notice that your boards look so clean and uncluttered with nothing but the simple "A" logo from your board sponsor, Aloha Surfboards. Are you making a statement with that or are you simply between sponsorships?
SC: I am currently looking for a major clothing sponsor. Aloha, my board shaper has been fantastic! He has given me so much support throughout the year and most of all putting magic boards under my feet which have helped me get to where I'm at now.

JG: Despite a huge women's surf apparel industry thriving in the marketplace, there seems to be only a handful of female surfers in the world who are able to make a good living off their sport. Yet, young girls all over the globe are striving to get to the professional level, fully expecting that it will result in a stable if not lucrative career. Do you think within the next 10 years, female pro surfers will receive the same pay and opportunities as their male counterparts? Why or why not?
SC: There are so many theories and opinions out there and mine is just to remember how much you love surfing and why you do it, it makes you happy and it's fun! All the rest will follow and if you can make a career out of it well that's fantastic.

JG: Changing directions here, when you have those few month breaks from the tour each year, what do you do on a typical day at home?
SC: During my break I stick to my surfing and training program. I think having the slightest advantage over the rest of your contenders whether it be physical or mental is an advantage. At this level everyone is so good with their surfing ability that you have to be strong in every other area, not just surfing to win!

JG: Last question, if a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?
SC: Wow, this is the hardest question yet, ha! First wish, a deserted island with perfect lefts and rights breaking down each side that I would take my mates to! Next, an endless box of Tim Tams to share with everyone! Final wish, a cute little beach house somewhere that steps off right onto the beach!

( Special thanks to Samantha for giving us a few minutes of her time in the midst of an intense WCT title race. Very much appreciated! --Chris Grant )

Samantha Cornish Photo Gallery
Samantha Cornish, WCT at Malibu - 2005
Photos: Anthony Barbatto, Chris Grant

ASP World Tour Photos of Sam Cornish

Additional Photos: ASP, Covered Images


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