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road trip from the south bay to san diego. holly beck and friends meet up with lauren sweeney Road trip from the South Bay to San Diego. Holly Beck and friends meet up with Lauren Sweeney.

Roxy Jam Cardiff 2008 Photo Gallery
- Photos by John Slavin, Shannon Switzer, and Chris Grant

For the third year in a row, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine had the honor of displaying our tent with a bunch of other great companies in the street fair area. While it's been a blessing to be able to meet and greet people all day, it's a tiny bit of a bummer that I don't actually get to see the contest as it unfolds. For instance, this year I was able to see a great backside noseride by Kassia Meador and a last-second go-for-broke lip bash by Kelly Nicely that caused the beach to erupt in cheers. Other than that though, I wasn't able to see any surfing at all...which doesn't make for a great event recap.

Since I don't have a play-by-play, I thought it might be fun to simply ask a few competitors what they thought about the event ...specifically:

"What did you enjoy most about this year's Roxy Jam Cardiff?"

Here are their responses...

Cori Schumacher (the newly crowned Roxy Jam Cardiff Champion): "I enjoyed the camaraderie the most. I hadn't seen some of the girls for far too long. Seeing everyone in one place brings me back to my core and puts the world into perspective for me. This contest felt like coming home."

Jenni Flanigan: "What I love best about any of the Roxy Jams, and in particular the Roxy Jam Cardiff, is that it is truly a world event. Because many of the women competitors cannot afford to fly to France for a week for the Women's Longboard World Championships held in Biarritz, they opt instead to come to the Roxy Jam Cardiff in California. Because of this, the competition is more difficult, and the contest sees a variety of competitors from around the globe; girls come from Hawaii, Florida, Japan, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Europe and beyond to compete in a truly global event."   

Kassia Meador: "I just really enjoyed seeing all of the young girls down the beach. It's great to see the next generation of longboarders getting out there and having fun. When I was a kid I wouldn't have even dreamed of an event like that. Competitions like that are really going to help push women's longboarding into the future."

Leah Dawson: "The camaraderie amongst the competitors is always great and the Surftech Paddle Challenge gave us a chance to play as teams.  I think we all realized how much fun it is to work together and I hope events like that will be present at the contests in the future.  Also, I loved seeing my heroes Donald Takayama and Linda Benson catching up on old memories."

Bianca Valenti: "I really enjoyed the stand up paddle team relay. It brought a cool team dynamic which surfing doesn't usually have. It was fun and exciting. I also enjoyed the bonus prizes and the Paul Mitchell hair cuts which benefited the San Elijo Lagoon. Ooooo... and I like the elevated competitor watching zone. Pretty much everything went well though, and I think the contest is getting better by the year."

Rosie Locke: "I loved the fact I could travel so far and enjoy time at the beach with friends, new and old alike. The surf throughout the weekend was contestable and there was always something fun to do and keep us entertained."

Kaitlin Maguire: "Roxy Jam '08 was another amazing year of good competition at Cardiff Reef. I enjoyed chillaxin with all the girls, while being able to surf with the best of the best!!!"

Janna Irons: "I loved seeing all the girls in my own town! These contests are the only time when all of us get together and spend the weekend laughing and being silly."

Kelly Nicely: "The best thing about Roxy Cardiff is getting to see a lot of girls coming from other countries and to get a chance to surf and spend time with different people. Oh, and most importantly stoked because Rosie from Australia brought me a three month supply of Vegemite, woohoo!!!"

Maja Muric: "I enjoyed the atmosphere, the people who put on the event, volunteers, the crowds and of course the competition itself.
The girls push each other to perform to the best of their abilities and the level of surfing is amazing, of course the fact that the waves are there every year just adds to the magic of this event."

Julie Cox: "My favorite part of the Roxy Jam was watching Cori Schumacher dominate. She's always been one of my favorite surfers, so I was totally pumped that she won. Other highlights included raffling a new board from the Jule Collection, curating a display about Linda Benson at the street fair and spending time with my mom. I also had a blast free surfing with Lisa Anderson after I lost out in my heat. It was a killer event."




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Caption Index

1. For the third year in a row, Roxy has brought the Roxy Jam to Cardiff-by-the-Sea.
2. Thank you to Roxy's Shauna Freese for setting JettyGirl up with an insane location.
3. Kassia Meador and last year's Roxy Jam Cardiff winner, Jen Smith.
4. Jen Smith drives into a nice cutback in her quest to repeat as Roxy Jam Cardiff champion.
5. The legendary Linda Benson talks with FuelTV on finals day.
6. One of the world's best young surfers, Hawaii's Megan Godinez.
7. Hawaii's Megan Godinez applies a vertical approach to Cardiff's inside section.
8. One of the people behind the success of the Roxy brand, Danielle Beck.
9. Danielle Beck getting ready for the Surftech Stand Up Paddle Challenge.
10. Roxy had two contests sites going during the event. This was the north location.
11. Shortboard ripper Lauren Sweeney stopped by to check out the action. Careful observers will see a Lauren Sweeney backside air photo in the background.
12. Good friends Kyla Langen and Kelly Nicely watch a nice right peel across Cardiff Reef.
13. Perhaps the clutch move of the event, Kelly Nicely smashes the inside section, scores an 8.5 and advances to the Semifinals.
14. Cat, Kelly Sloan and Liz Motshagen enjoying their time at the Roxy Jam Cardiff.
15. Special thank you to Donna von Hoesslin of Betty Belts for her continued support of our annual JettyGirl raffle!
16. Left: The Roxy inflatable could be seen for miles. Right: JettyGirl's Chris Grant talks with filmmaker Heather Hudson of The Women and the Waves.
17. The always-colorful Malia Fuertes!
18. Sally Selevenger and Roxy rider Julie Cox share a laugh.
19. If there was a world champion of style, Julie Cox would definitely be in the running. Waxing up for a surf with Lisa Anderson.
20. Longboard rippers Brett and Cole Robbins (and friend in blue shirt) snuck into the competitor's area for a better view ;)
21. 16-year-old Japanese surfer, Julie Ichigo, enjoying some of the cleanest conditions of the event.
22. Left: Jill Hansen, early morning sunshine. Right: Hawaii's Leah Dawson rips on all types of equipment...longboards, shortboards, SUP boards, everything.
23. This year's event had a bunch of great vendors. The surfboard art booth is always a favorite!
24. Fresh off her trip to Africa, JettyGirl photographer Shannon Switzer gathers content for our Roxy Jam gallery.
25. Australians Chelsea Williams (standing) and Rosie Locke hanging with Summer Romero and friend.
26. The ultra-talented Ashley Lloyd surfs, shapes, sings and does it all with the smoothest of smooth styles. Shown here with shortboard ripper, Kyla Langen.
27. Julie Cox congratulates Cori Schumacher for making the finals.
28. One of the event's highlights was the Surftech Stand Up Paddle Challenge. The girls really got behind the team concept as shown here by a cheering Kassia Meador and Liz Motshagen.
29. Left: Hawaii's Leah Dawson raising her paddle at the finish. Right: Smiles all around during the SUP Challenge.
30. An electric smile from Roxy's superstar, Kassia Meador.
31. How much talent can fit into one photo?
32. Summer Romero, undoubtedly one of the most stylish noseriders on the planet.
33. Doubling up at the Roxy Jam Cardiff, Summer Romero made the final and scored a $3000 bonus for the Schick® Quattro for Women® Style Award.
34. A powerful, driving cutback by event champion, Cori Schumacher.
35. From the earliest rounds, Cori Schumacher seemed destined to win the Roxy Jam Cardiff.
36. Two views of victory. Cori Schumacher, the 2008 Roxy Jam Cardiff Champion!
37. Finalists Summer Romero, Chelsea Williams, Jen Smith, Cori Schumacher and Wave-of-the-Day winner, Bianca Valenti.



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