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Lauren Sweeney's Odyssey, Part Three on JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

Lauren Sweeney's Odyssey, Part Three, Oregon, Washington & Alaska on JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

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Lauren Sweeney's Odyssey Part III: Oregon, Washington & Alaska
Photos & Captions by Lauren Sweeney except where noted
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Lauren Sweeney,  King Cove, AlaskaAfter a month of surfing in May, it was time to start the third part of the odyssey. A road trip up I-5 to Seattle, a flight from Seattle to Alaska, and a boat ride to King Cove where I would work for eighty days in a salmon cannery. Although my idyllic visions of a rugged adventure into the Alaskan frontier weren't completely fulfilled, I came away with an unforgettable experience paralleled by nothing else in the world.

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Caption Index - Photos ©Lauren Sweeney; Additional photos by Marissa Elgarico, Machinist and Hart Schwarzenbach

1. ODYSSEY PART III - Lauren Sweeney's journey to experience the world outside the surf bubble continues...
2. CASTLE CRAGS STATE PARK - The first stop on my road trip up I-5 was Castle Crags State Park, just south of Mt. Shasta. Here's my campsite for the night. Not too shabby.
3. THE CRAGS - Although the park is located seconds from the freeway, it's rad! These are the crags, or monolithic rocks the park is named after.
4. CASTLE CRAGS HIKE - After setting up camp, I went for a hike up to the crags.
5. MT. SHASTA – This is a view of Mt. Shasta on the way up to the crags.
6. TOP VIEW - I could only hike to the base of the crags due to lack of rock climbing gear and skills for that matter. But check out this view.
7. LOG WALK - Goodbye California and hello Oregon. Had some time to kill and decided to check out the waterfalls in Southern Oregon.
8. WATSON FALLS - This is Watson Falls.
9. PIKE PLACE – Good bye Oregon and hello Washington. Made my way up to Seattle and checked out Pike's Place Market conveniently located on Pike Pl.
10. PIKE'S PLACE MARKET - The market is filled with food. Fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, and all things good!
11. MARINER'S BASEBALL GAME - Even went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game.
12. SEATTLE AIRPORT - The time had come to pack my bags for real and head to the airport. Seattle International, 4:00 am.
13. BEARFOOT INN - From Seattle we flew to Anchorage and from Anchorage to this place called Cold Bay.
14. COLD BAY - Yes, Cold Bay was Cold.
15. LOADING - Usually you take a 15 minute plane ride over to King Cove, but the weather was too bad so we had to take a boat. The deckhands had to crane the luggage on boat as if loading crab pots on deck.
16. ARRIVING BY BOAT - After 3 hours we made it to King Cove, Alaska.
17. KING COVE FROM ABOVE - This is basically the entire town of King Cove except for some houses not pictured to the left. A very small place with two bars, two general stores, and a Peter Pan Seafoods processing plant.
18. WINDY VIEW - After signing a few papers to become a legitimate Peter Pan employee, I unpacked my bags in my new home for the next three months. A bunk house called Windy View with dorm room style accommodations.
19. WALL INSPIRATION - This is what kept me amped to work everyday. A picture of the surf, a good luck charm, and a homemade calendar to count down the days. I came to Alaska not only for the adventure but to make money to further the odyssey.
20. CREEK - The canning got off to a slow start. However, after making friends with some of the machinists, I got invited to go out with them to their bon fires. The fire spot was located next to this creek with a killer view.
21. BON FIRE SPOT (photo: Marissa Elgarico) - This is the spot were the bon fires happened. Not only was there a fire but also a feast including brauts, burgers, and smores!
22. BON FIRE AND BEAR (photo: Machinist) - We were not alone at our bon fires. King Cove has a healthy population of brown bears. That blue tarp in the background is our fire spot. This bear got a little to close for me.
23. BEAR (photo: Machinist) - This is the same bear after he jumped into the alders. There were no trees in King Cove, only big bushes called alders.
24. READY FOR WORK (photo: Hart Schwarzenbach) - The fish arrived and it was time to start canning. My official job title was 'quality assurance line technician'. Hairnet, earplugs, smock, scale, clipboard, and a lot of paper work.
25. WORKING THE LINE - Here's me working on the production line assuring the quality of canned salmon.
26. FORKLIFT LESSONS (photo: Hart Schwarzenbach) - When not working on the production line, I learned how to drive a forklift.
27. KING COVE FISHING (photo: Hart Schwarzenbach) - On days off there isn't much to do. The fishing was awesome though! Hook up on every cast, no joke.
28. ALASKA H20 HIKE - The weather wasn't very good the entire time. But the few times it was, we took advantage. This day we hiked to a waterfall.
29. ALASKA H20 HIKE VIEW - This is the view from atop the fall.
30. ALASKA GOLD PANNING - Also tried my luck at panning for gold. Found a couple of flakes but no nuggets. It was still fun though.
31. Q.A. Crew (photo: Hart Schwarzenbach) – This is the 2010 cannery Q.A. (quality assurance) crew. I lived, worked, and ate with these people everyday and we became sort of like a family.
32.GAZING OUT INTO THE COVE (photo: Marissa Elgarico) - One of the only sunny mornings in King Cove this summer. Here's me gazing out to sea contemplating the next part of the odyssey.
33. LEAVING KING COVE - The end of the season finally came and the weather hadn't gotten any better than when I arrived. So, we loaded back onto a boat and left the same way we came.

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