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kaitlin maguire Five minutes with Kaitlin Maguire. Surf photos of Kaitlin Maguire.

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Five Minutes with Kaitlin Maguire - Photos: Chris Grant/

Twenty-year-old Kaitlin Maguire from Del Mar, California is a surfer worth looking out for. Style OR power? Kaitlin's answer to the eternal question is style AND power! Able to deliver a bagful of noseriding tricks and exceptionally powerful cutbacks, Kaitlin's surfing is a pleasure to watch. As a photographer, I'm always entertained when I'm able to shoot with Kaitlin. A typical wave may start off with a lengthy noseride, followed by a series of driving frontside carves, and ending with a "hands above the head" gymnast pose, a cartwheel, or a comical glance my way as the wave dies out. While some surfers almost appear bored in the water, Kaitlin's seemingly endless well of animated facial expressions is highly entertaining. In my personal opinion, I would definitely consider Kaitlin Maguire to be a contender for the world title in the coming years. In her case, it doesn't matter if the judges are throwing down scores for either style or power...because Kaitlin exhibits both at a world class level. --Chris Grant

JettyGirl: You recently were able to get back into surfing after recovering from an injury. What was the story behind your forced "vacation"?
Kaitlin Maguire: "Forced vacation" has a whole new meaning to me, normally I use it to describe when my parents make me travel with them to random places. The story behind my forced vacation is that one morning I was enjoying a little surf, then by night I was in the emergency room because I had a really bad stomach pain, only to find that I had appendicitis. Once I found that out I was really bummed because I was rushed into surgery and told I could not surf for a month or so. That seemed like forever since I surf about almost every day, but in the end it was that horrible. My good friends kept me company and being out of the water that long only made me realize how much I truly do love the sport.

JG: In a Union-Tribune story back in 2005, the article mentions that you're clumsy. That's hard to believe since you're so graceful on the nose of your board. Are you still a klutz?
KM: Everyone is a little clumsy at times, just some more than others I guess. I must be of the few that are more clumsy than others. I do tend to move around a lot, not one to sit still, always finding something to do with my time. Most people grow out of it, well at least I hope!!

JG: We often pass in the parking lot when you're zipping off to school. What are you currently studying in college?
KM: Yep, always trying to get that one last surf session in before class starts. School is the number one priority of my life at the moment, need that degree. Recently I have been studying a broad range of subjects such as Global Studies, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, History, and Math. I'm trying to major in accounting and maybe a minor in math but if all fails I'll just get a degree in Business.

JG: Quite a few young female surfers are deciding to do independent study or attend alternative schools to maximize their water time in hopes of a lucrative surfing career in the future. Being a professional surfer yourself, do you think that decision is a wise one?
KM: In my opinion it is not a wise decision to do independent study, there are a lot of life experiences that many miss out on from home schooling. Another reason is you have to be self-disciplined to do independent study. Independent study takes a lot of time and you have to make sacrifices, the people I know that are in independent study are always doing homework constantly all week and weekends. Independent study can cause a lack of learning methods that are taught by teachers, immature social skills, and missed friendships. I just feel school is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can't really rely on surfing to support you in the future. These days it seems that even the best of the pros are struggling to make a life out of surfing.

"If there was a full world tour, I know I would want all of the girls to be able to compete in the events to truly have the best of best crowned the world champion."  

JG: Will you be attending the upcoming ASP Women's World Longboard Championship event in France this summer? If so, what are your feelings about a world title being decided after only one contest?
KM: This year I will be attending the ASP Women's World Longboard Championship in France. I think the world title should consist of several contests around the world, then at the end of the season crown the champion. Recently, it seems almost better that there is only one contest to decide the champion. I only say this because the support for the woman's longboarding isn't that great at the moment and many can not afford to travel around the world to the contest. Let's face it, airfares are increasing because of the gas prices and hotel stays don't come cheap. If there was a full world tour, I know I would want all of the girls to be able to compete in the events to truly have the best of best crowned the world champion.

JG: Growing up in the rich waters of San Diego County, you've undoubtedly had some surfing influences. Who are your biggest ones and why?
KM: There are many surfers that have influenced me over the years that I have been surfing. I can not pinpoint one specific surfer because I like to watch a variety of the pros surf for everyone has their own style. Just by watching others, I learn everyday a way to try to improve my own surfing. However, my two shapers, Guy Takayama, who I used to ride for, and his uncle, Donald, my current shaper, have provided me with the professional quality surfboards that have allowed me to take my surfing to the next level. I will always be grateful for their friendship and support.

JG: If you weren't a surfer and had no knowledge of surfing, what do you think you'd be doing right now?
KM: Well, I would probably be further along in getting my degree because I would have more time for school. Also, I would most likely be playing soccer for a college or halfway across the world playing soccer with a club or a team. At least that is what I used to want to do when I was younger before I got introduced to surfing. Soccer mainly, but sports were and are my life, and probably always will be until I die.

JG: A bottle washes up on the beach in Oceanside and a genie pops out and grants you three wishes. What would they be and why?
KM: First wish would be to get my degree and find a stable good paying job so I would be able to support a family when I am older and live in a nice area. For my second wish, I would want to travel the world to all the best surf places and get perfect conditions free of charge, or if I could have enough money to travel the world, that would be nice too! My third wish would be to do all this while excelling in my surfing career. I'd like to go on and win a few world titles and get some extra money in the bank. Nothing is worthwhile unless you work hard.


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Caption Index

1. Bright sun, light winds, fun surf. You'd be smiling too. Kaitlin Maguire gets ready to paddle out.
2. This little right ran down the bank for 150 yards and Kaitlin never budged from the nose the entire ride.
3. Wave-ending cartwheels, humorous poses, endless facial expressions, shooting with Kaitlin is always entertaining!
4. Kaitlin Maguire is surely on the short list of world title contenders this year. The world title will be decided in France this summer.
5. Kaitlin displays her version of the timeless kick-5.
6. A grom picked up my camera and shot this photo of Kaitlin. Not considering herself too cool to hang with kids, she played right along.
7. Cross-stepping, the most stylish method for getting to the nose. Kaitlin has it down.
8. My favorite move of Kaitlin's is her frontside cutback...always committed and perfectly executed.
9. At the Roxy Jam Cardiff in 2007, Kaitlin scored a finals berth and doubled up by winning a new Hobie twin!
10. The only longboarder I've ever shot at this spot and she set the place on fire.


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