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courtney conlogue Jule Collection Demo Day Wrap-up. Pro surfer Julie Cox.

Jule Collection, Jed Noll Surfboards

Jule Collection Demo Day Wrap-Up

The 1st ever Jule Collection demo day was a success! A total of 10 surfboards were being demoed at San Onofre's Old Man's in 2-4 foot warm surf. Boards included a few 9'2" Emeralds, 9'0" Epoxy Sapphires, a 7'4" Opal, a few 5"10" Rubies, and one of Jed Noll's 6'6" epoxy Voyagers. The event day provided a rare opportunity for girls and guys to try out the variety of boards, which retail for $855 - $1,155.

The San Diego Surf Ladies were among the biggest supporters and had arrived early, rode all of the models, grilled up an amazing feast for lunch, then paddled out 2-3 more times. Between sessions at lunch, Julie Cox gave a small "cross-stepping workshop" at the request of SDSL. It was one of those magical days at San O where new and old friends met, hours seemed to fly by, and arms felt like noodles by the end of the day.

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Upcoming Event:
Enter in person to win a 9'2" Emerald at the Roxy Jam at Cardiff Reef coming September 19-21.


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Caption Index

1. Anne deciding which of the many peaks to surf on the Emerald.
2. Kris and Suzanne each with a Ruby ready to go at 7am.
3. JR fell in love with this Jed Noll Voyager.
4. Emerald and Sapphire happy to be at San O.
5. Susie about to take the Opal for a whirl on the lefts.
6. Though she normally rides shorter boards, Suzanne had a blast on the light 9'0" Sapphire.
7. Kris also loved the Voyager and ended up taking it home! She will sell it to JR after she rides it a bit!
8. Pick a board, any board.
9. Hiroki killed it on the Ruby.
10. Oh San O!
11. Emerald on a soft place in the shade.
12. Justine Mauvin came to visit from Reunion Island with no boards. We fixed that...
13. Helen also from the French Island off of Madagascar, Reunion Island, with Emerald.
14. Justine smooth stylin' on Emerald.
15. At only 15 years old Justine Mauvin is one of the coolest groms I know!
16. Julie and Justine waxing up a brand new epoxy Sapphire.


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