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JettyGirl Benefit for South African Surfing Legend, Heather Clark
*Heather sustained life threatening injuries when her car was struck by a drunk driver on October 22, 2009


Heather Clark

Please donate $1 (or more if you can) to our Benefit for Heather Clark
*Update for 01/26/2010 - I apologize for being out of touch. We recently moved and had a family medical situation of our own but here's the latest. On November 9th, your first batch of donations totalling $2,760 (R19,811.23 - South African Rand) were received excitedly in South Africa. We are so thrilled to see everyone come together for such a good cause. You all far exceeded our original $1,000 goal and funds are still coming in. We will be making another wire transfer around the end of January so if you'd still like to donate, there's still time. Drop by again soon for an update on Heather's recovery progress.
We would like to raise $1,000 to go toward Heather's medical expenses so we need 1,000 of our readers to open up their hearts and wallets and give one dollar each. Our goal is to wire this money to South Africa on November 1st. If you can't give at this time but would like to leave some thoughts for Heather, please email your message to jettygirl @ (remove the spaces) and we'll post it here.

Heather Clark Benefit money raised to date

The Latest News from Heather...
01/17/2010 - I am recovering really well. I still often get headaches and I still have neck and upper back and shoulder pain. My kidney has now healed well and I have been told that I can get back to doing my normal things but also to take it easy too. My left ribs are still slightly tender but ribs always take time. I have not been able to start working doing my learn-to-swim class and my learn-to-surf class due to my shoulder and upper back, but I'm sure I will be back doing that shortly. Thank you all so much for your kind help!

Thank you from Heather and family...

Heather and her family are very touched by the awesome love and support shown by everyone all over the world. A huge thank you to all of you who have contributed towards the fund - thank you so much!

The hospital costs are already quite formidable and they require most of the costs upfront which is a daunting prospect for the family. Heather was also supposed to have started her swimming school next week and now will not be able to do so, which means a loss of income for her. Please help where you can and spread the word - every little bit, no matter how insignificant you might think it would be, WILL help. Your contributions despite the economic recession mean a great deal to Heather and her family.

[Photos: © Shebjorn Axelson]

Information about Heather's accident
On October 22, 2009, former ASP World Tour surfer Heather Clark was struck by a drunk driver in her South African homeland. Heather sustained major injuries and has already incurred substantial medical expenses. More info at Zig Zag Surf Magazine.

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Layne Beachley
Dee Why, Sydney, Australia
Kim Mayer
Santa Cruz, California
Courtney Conlogue
Santa Ana, California
Anthony Barbatto
Torrance, California
Linda Benson
Solana Beach, California
Kate Skarratt
Tweed Heads NSW, Australia
Rebecca Woods
Copacabana NSW, Australia
Ian Metcalf
Aspen, Colorado
Keala Kennelly
Honolulu, Hawaii
Cori Schumacher
Carlsbad, California
Tel Aviv, Israel
Cher Pendarvis
San Diego, California
Bettina Schnider
Winterthur, Switzerland
Lacy Thompson
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Michele Talbot
Vista, California
Sandy Sandino Salsman
Orange, California
Natalie Quinn
Marina Del Rey, California
Sunshine Makarow
Carlsbad, California
Jurgen Kusel
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Leigh Hamilton
Williamsburg, Virginia
Chris Mayer
Santa Cruz, California
Jacque Fait
Mission Viejo, California
Scott Walter
Playa Del Rey, California
Christine Kiebert-Boss
Aptos, California
David Markowski
Shillington, Pennsylvania
Wendy Lee
Oxnard, California
Byland Family
San Clemente, California
Stacy Nalepa
Cool, California
Simone Reddingius
Paia, Hawaii
Jamaimah Omictin
Lakewood, New Jersey
Carole Ebel
Tustin, California
Megan Carlson
San Francisco, California
Susan Martin
Escondido, California
Holly Stroschine
San Pedro, California
Tracy Kennedy Flynn
San Francisco, California
The Artful Surfer
Water Mill, New York
Wilkie McClaren
Hilo, Hawaii
Matt Lindauer
Tustin, California
Ann Collins
Los Osos, California
Allie Smith
Brixham, Devon, United Kingdom
Casie Shore, Swim to Shore
Murrieta, California
Plush Station
San Clemente, California
Jim Thomas
Statesville, North Carolina
John DiNardo
Brigantine, New Jersey
Rob Hope
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
James Beavis
London, United Kingdom
Anna Blanchard
Saint Charles, Missouri
Brian Gagliana
Roslyn, Pennsylvania
Emma Smith
Brighton, E Sussex, United Kingdom
Angelo Camacho
Johannesburg, South Africa
Lisa Quinn
Mission Viejo, California
Kyla Langen & Langen Family
Carlsbad, California
Barry Haun
San Clemente, California
Sonja Baczynski
Sherman Oaks, California
Colin van Dongen
London, United Kingdom
Kamala Botha
Gainesville, Florida
Bridget Austin
US Army
Heather Hudson
Santa Barbara, California
Georgina King
San Francisco, California
Maggie & Doran Yount
San Marcos, California
Iain Platt
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Dez Blanchfield
Mosman, NSW, Australia
Lauren Moca
Wandsworth, United Kingdom
Brian Schehr
San Clemente, California
Karen van Wyk
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Kyle Korb
Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom
Chantelle Donald
London, United Kingdom
Susan Vaughan
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Manuel Castillo
Yallingup, Western Australia
Kelly Morton Photography
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Juliet McDaniel
Vernon Hills, Illinois
Anne Allegretti
Santa Cruz, California
Jayne O'Leary
Danvers, Massachusetts
Megan Villa
San Clemente, California
Steven Attwell
London, United Kingdom
Jennifer Flanigan
Encinitas, California
Holly Monkman
Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia
Edwin Matibag
Beaufort, North Carolina
Daniel Chavez
Napa, California
Spencer Skipper
Honolulu, Hawaii
Brook Meerbergen
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Jeff Gray
Mary Esther, Florida
Michel Schnaas
Costa Mesa, California
Richard Patey
Hanalei, Hawaii
Dominick Barrett
Enniscrone, Sligo, Ireland
Kaley Swift
Cardiff, California
Marie Platt
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Stephen Whitesell
Kailua, Hawaii
Stephen Sendejas
Huntington Beach, California
Francisco Maldonado
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Robert Morrell
Inman, South Carolina
Robb Crowder
Santa Barbara, California
Lonnie Low
Clearwater, Florida
Kenny Mollica
Columbus, Ohio
Douglas McBain
Carlsbad, California
Steve Whitney
San Diego, California
Mark Booze
El Cajon, California
Steve Rink
Fallbrook, California
Jason Neal
Huntington Beach, California
Rolando Lanza
Boise, Idaho
Aaron Vernet
Marina Del Rey, California
Alberto Pinto Basto
Lisbon, Portugal
Jeremy Styer
Oakland, California
Francisco Pinheiro
Porto, Portugal
Indy & Tyler Callaway
La Jolla, California
Ashley DeVore
San Francisco, California
Alison Jaeger
Carlsbad, California
Timothy Fields
San Diego, California
Chris & Rhona Grant
Vista, California
Erina Taniguchi
Paulo Heyman
Manahawkin, New Jersey
Monica Briceño
Miami, Florida
Erica & Felipe Becerra
Lima, Peru and La Jolla, California
Rafael & Jocelyn Arancivia
Winnipeg, Canada
Dylan Thomas
Princeville, Hawaii
Renee Cavalier-Fox
Summerland, California
Paul Katz
Van Nuys, California
Grace Park
Huntington Beach, California
Ken Walker
Coronado, California
Thomas Keller
Hamburg, Germany
Sean Collins,
Huntington Beach, California
St. Vedas Surf Shop
Berwickshire, United Kingdom
Willie Safreed
Cypress, California
Jon & Anne Murakami
Temple City, California
Gregg Engbretson
Sausalito, California
Laura Courtney Headley
Pacific Grove, California
Nalubeads Ltd
Braunton, Devon, United Kingdom
Karen van Wyk
Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

*Special THANK YOU to Darlene Conolly and Sean Collins at Surfline, Bryan Dickerson at Surfers Village, and Jodie Cooper who made public announcements about our Heather Clark Benefit during the live feed from the Rip Curl Pro Search women's event in Portugal.

A few notes from donors...

"Heather, We are praying for you and your family here in Cali. God bless you!" - Jon & Anne Murakami.

"Sorry to hear about your accident. Stoked to hear about your recovery. Hope you can manage your way through the medical bills to get back out in the water soon. Please keep us updated and let me know if there is anything we can do for you at Surfline." - Sean Collins.

"Get well Girly, from your fans in Winnipeg Canada." - Raf & Jocelyn Arancivia.

"To a speedy recovery!" - Erica and Felipe Becerra (Lima, Peru and La Jolla, CA)

"Get well soon Heather!" - Paulo Heyman

"Sending you positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy and full recovery." - Indy & Tyler Callaway

"Hate to hear when something like this happens, especially to a fellow surfer. Get well soon and please keep us updated." - Steve Whitney

"Get well soon Champ." - Kenny Mollica

"Just think it's a tube and pull out of this!! Best from Puerto Rico." - Francisco Maldonado

"Hope for a fast and speedy recovery!" - Stephen Sendejas

"Hope you get better soon, best wishes from Ireland." - Dominick Barrett

"So fragile the flame that burns within us all" - Bad Religion. Here's to a speedy recovery and for your flame to continue shining in the line-ups around the world soon!" - Michel Schnaas

"Have a quick recovery Heather. The ocean misses you!" - Jeffery Gray

"Get Well Heather!" - Steven Attwell

"Best wishes from Dez Blanchfield in Sydney Australia, and the Blast Paddlers from Balmoral and Cronulla at" - Dez Blanchfield

"Get well soon... Sending Aloha from California!" - Heather Hudson

"Hey girl hang in there. Hope this helps. Get well soon, you'll be back doin' what ya luv." - Bridget Austin US ARMY

"Here's to a speedy recovery and seeing you back in the water soon!!" - Sonja Baczynski

"Get well soon! Hope this small amount helps in some way." - Jim Thomas

"To a speedy recovery Heather. All the best." - & Brian Gagliana

"We are all praying for a quick and speedy recovery." - Sandy Salsman

"Hope you get better really soon." - Allie Smith

"Get well soon! We're praying for you!" - Peter Schnider

"Best wishes and healing thoughts for you, Heather!" - David Markowski

"May the Lord bless you and speed you to a quick recovery. Our love and prayers will be with daily." - Tom & Carole Ebel

"Heather, We are praying that you feel an overwhelming sense of God's presence every moment as He heals your body." - With Love, The Shore Family & Swim to Shore Swim School



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