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3 Months of Fun, photos by Chris Grant,

3 Months of Fun, Summer 2009 JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine.

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3 Months of Sun Fun - Photos by Chris Grant /
Fifty Photos of Surfer Girls Enjoying Summertime in Southern California
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surfer girl photos by Chris Grant, jettygirl online surf magazineIn the blink of an eye, three months have passed and summer has gone. Far from forgotten though, the past dozen weeks have been filled with hot summer sun, playful swells and inspiring performances. Here's a small glimpse into some of what we saw this summer. Enjoy :)

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Caption Index - Photos by Chris Grant /

1. A surfer with heaps of power, Florida's Amy Nicholl lit up the early gray days of summer.
2. We had an unusual stretch of cloudy weather in June. Claire Bevilacqua reaching for the sky.
3. One of the world's best noseriders comes from North Carolina. Two views of Kelly Nicely's ten toes.
4. It's easy to let one go when you know there are dozens more out the back. No worries for Alexa Frantz.
5. Summertime color from Alexa Frantz. I dig the way she builds up speed and just blasts the oncoming section.
6. Jennifer Flanigan paddles out in the early morning glass.
7. Jenni Flanigan and I always seem to shoot on the tiniest of days...yet the ocean always delivers some goodies.
8. Scott Raisbeck shapes both Kulia Doherty and my boards. I wish I had an ounce of the wave-riding talent that Kulia has.
9. Fins-free off the coping, Rochelle Ballard was shredding at Lowers on this morning.
10. The crowd having just disappeared, Shelby Detmers drops into an empty evening left.
11. Even during summertime, a few waves sneak through California waters without being ridden.
12. Banking high with speed and purpose, it's easy to see that Sofia Mulanovich has plans for something big down the line.
13. Young Australian Brittani Nicholl with fins out the back on the first ride of our photo session.
14. The newly crowned and now two-time ASP Women's World Longboarding Champion, Jen Smith, enjoying home waters.
15. A long-time supporter of JettyGirl and a great friend, Amee Donohoe floats the shorebreak.
16. Far away from her New York home, Quincy Davis hooks one off the foam in Newport Beach.
17. With the walled closeouts of the US Open, floaters made a welcome resurgence. Sarah Beardmore drifting.
18. The most unexpected sighting for me this summer was seeing world champion Stephanie Gilmore at Oceanside Pier.
19. Here's our prediction for 2010. San Clemente local Marissa Shaw is going to land a really huge frontside air.
20 . So stoked to meet Australian Jessica Grimwood this summer! Fantastically talented, funny and down-to-earth!
21 . I really hope that nothing bigger than this is swimming around my feet out there in the head-high sea grass.
22. New Zealand's Paige Hareb smacks one at one of my least favorite spots on the coast. I'll go there more though if Paige keeps paddling out.
23. If anyone saw a photographer kicking himself on the jetty, it was me after misfocusing on two nice frontside airs by Paige Hareb.
24. An unexpected summer barrel for Kenzie Kessler provides some shade from the blinding sun.
25. Kenzie Kessler glances back to make sure all the swimmers are out of the way so she can wrap it around and smack the foam.
26. One of the highlights of summer has been shooting with Sofia Mulanovich, although the sun, surf and wind has yet to cooperate.
27. Brittani Nicholl hits the lip with such speed that it's really difficult to capture it in time.
28. Rideable or not? The big summer swell of July unlocked some secrets that we haven't seen in quite some time.
29. Mellow on land and water but serious about hitting the lip, Oceanside's Heather Jordan.
30. Helicopters flying overhead, long rights and a nice slice from Heather Jordan. Can you guess the spot?
31. Throwing caution to the wind as she always does, HB local Sara Taylor spotted the section and floored it.
About an hour after this small wave session, Bec Woods was racing for the airport for her next adventure.
33. Some of the most impressive surfing I saw this summer came from South Africa's Nikita Robb. She's definitely one to watch.
34. Typical Lowers. Judging by Lani Doherty's eyes, she already knows these two will fall and she'll get the rest of it solo.
35. One of the more colorful and hilarious characters I've met, Jenna Balester is all business when smashing the lip.
36. A photo from the tiniest day of the summer. I don't know how Chloe Buckley wrapped a full turn out there...but she did.
37. When mind-surfing, every section is makeable. Lefts aplenty on the swell of the summer.
38. Quick backside hit by Sage Erickson. I wish the sun was out all year 'round.
39. Darsha Pigford is another North Carolina surfer who dropped by Oceanside and left a solid impression.
40. Rebecca Woods surrounds herself with her own spray. Perfect hook from the stylish school of surfing.
41. Even midday onshores are no big deal when the water's warm and blue. NSSA Nationals Champ Lakey Peterson enjoying summertime.
42. I don't think I've ever seen this face not happy and stoked. Kaley Swift, all smiles at Cardiff Reef.
43. Sara Taylor rips! She smashed this one above the hook, released some fins, kicked her back foot off, then landed everything at once.
44. Jessica Grimwood throwing spray and eyeing the jetty rocks that she's quickly closing in on.
45. Serena Brooke with frontside cutback #14,729. Perfect technique by a wonderful surfer.
46. Karina Petroni knows how to lay into her turns and does so with effortless flare.
47. Argentina's Ornella Pellizzari is hands-down one of the most powerful surfers I've ever seen.
48. I've never seen a surfer leave the water without one last look back at the waves, Ornella Pellizzari just before sunset.
49. Swell hype? This big 'ole boat holding hundreds of spectators would blast its horn every time a set approached.
50. As a surfer, summertime never really ends. It just changes color. Jennifer Flanigan in North San Diego, California.

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