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30 Days of Sunshine, an anti-June Gloom photo feature by Chris Grant

30 Days of Sunshine, a surf photo feature by Chris Grant, JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine.

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Shea Hodges frontside air, surf photo by Chris Grant
Shea Hodges
CJ Soto in Oceanside, surf photo by Chris Grant
CJ Soto
Kim Mayer, surf photo by Chris Grant
Kim Mayer
Siri Cota surf photo by Chris Grant
Siri Cota
Jenni Flanigan surf photo by Chris Grant
Jennifer Flanigan
Claire Bevilacqua surf photo by Chris Grant
Claire Bevilacqua
Kyla Langen surf photo by Chris Grant
Kyla Langen
Liz Motshagen surf photo by Chris Grant
Liz Motshagen
Prue Jeffries surf photo by Chris Grant
Prue Jeffries
Shelby Detmers surf photo by Chris Grant
Shelby Detmers
Natalie Anzivino surf photo by Chris Grant
Natalie Anzivino
Amy Nicholl surf photo by Chris Grant
Amy Nicholl
Kelly Nicely surf photo by Chris Grant
Kelly Nicely
Darlene Conolly surf photo by Chris Grant
Darlene Conolly
Amee Donohoe surf photo by Chris Grant
Amee Donohoe
Lauren Sweeney sur f photo by Chris Grant
Lauren Sweeney
Chloe Buckley surf photo by Chris Grant
Chloe Buckley
Holly Beck surf photo by Chris Grant
Holly Beck
Tammy Lee Smith surf photo by Chris Grant
Tammy-Lee Smith
Rebecca Woods surf photo by Chris Grant
Rebecca Woods
Summer Romero surf photo by Chris Grant
Summer Romero
Anastasia Ashley surf photo by Chris Grant
Anastasia Ashley
Marii Sugiura Bakker surf photo by Chris Grant
Marii Sugiura Bakker
Kelly Sloan surf photo by Chris Grant
Kelly Sloan
Kaitlin Maguire surf photo by Chris Grant
Kaitlin Maguire
Lyndsay Noyes surf photo by Chris Grant
Lyndsay Noyes
Melanie Bartels surf photo by Chris Grant
Melanie Bartels
Sara Taylor surf photo by Chris Grant
Sara Taylor
Courtney Conlogue surf photo by Chris Grant
Courtney Conlogue
Kassia Meador surf photo by Chris Grant
Kassia Meador

30 Days of Sunshine: An Anti-June Gloom Photo Feature by Chris Grant
JettyGirl Art, Photography & Culture

With thirty-one days of gray skies behind us and with the prospect of thirty more overcast days ahead of us, we just can't take it anymore. To speed up the process of summertime's arrival, we're celebrating sunnier skies by presenting a new photo on this page each and every day. Click on any of the thumbnails above to launch larger versions of each photo. We hope that in some small way, this feature will provide you with a good bridge to summer. Enjoy 30 Days of Sunshine! --Chris Grant


Caption Index - Photos by Chris Grant /

1. Warm water. Fullsuit. Big frontside air. It has to be Kauai's Shea Hodges.
2. Wisconsin Street in one of it's nastier moods. Grace under pressure in Oceanside, CJ Soto.
3. Nearly four years ago, this surfer on this day was the inspiration for starting JettyGirl. Kim Mayer.
4. A few years back in a late afternoon heat in swirling, onshore Newport, Siri Cota banks one.
5. We don't get clouds and sun together very often so my good friend Jenni Flanigan decided to take advantage of the unique conditions.
6. We've never shot in glassy waves and her penchant for blown-out midday sessions mystifies me. Nevertheless, year after year, Claire Bevilacqua is one of the surfers I most look forward to working with.
7. Late afternoon singlefin snap by Carlsbad girl, Kyla Langen. Kyla's elegant style lends itself perfectly to old school shapes.
8. With the same intensity that she brings to her Roman Chair workouts at SWEAT, Liz Motshagen floats the end section with a flourish.
9. A small, sunny day of surf provides the perfect opportunity to take a fish for a spin. Riding her favorite Takayama quad, Prue Jefrries lays down an exclamation point on the incoming section.
10. This one was a nice June Gloom surprise. Moments before sunset, the gray rolled back over the range and the sun lit up the surf...just in time for Shelby Detmers to release some fins.
11. Never judge the water temp by looking at which wetsuit South Bay surfer Natalie Anzivino is wearing. Maintaining a tan during winter isn't easy but neither is popping an air in incy water.
12. I recently had the honor of shooting with Florida's Amy Nicholl. This powerful goofyfoot has an ultra-smooth and mature style and has a crazy Occy-esqe frontside gauge. Here she is on the last wave of the night at her favorite surf spot in Southern California.
All great surfers have at least one signature move and without a doubt some of the best cutbacks I've ever seen have come under the feet of talented North Carolina surfer, Kelly Nicely.
14. Surfline Women editor Darlene Conolly takes a break from editorial duties and gets in a session at a local once-a-year spot.
15. One of my favorite JettyGirl memories was my first shoot with Australian Amee Donohoe. Under the watchful eyes of the HB oil rigs, Amee took apart the little rights with lightning fast snaps and epic style.
16. If I was only able to shoot with a few surfers the rest of my career, Lauren Sweeney would be on my list. While the mainstream press trips over themselves for the latest flavor of the month, Lauren's out there building speed, taking flight and blowing minds.
17. Earlier this year, Surfline's Darlene Conolly asked me to meet up with Chloe Buckley at a local secret reef to see if we could get a couple of shots. When a surfer is ripping turns like this, my job is really easy.
18. It's always fun to shoot with surfers at their home break. Although you won't receive a welcome mat at this spot, the locals tolerated me sitting in the lineup. Holly Beck is a sponsor's dream...and for good reason.
19. One of the best barrel riders I've ever seen, South Africa's Tammy-Lee Smith can also hit the smallest of sections with flair and power.
20. An amazing stylist with buttery smooth technique, Australia's Rebecca Woods hooks a frothy Oceanside closeout and pulls it off with ease.
21. Whether you're from the traditional or modern school of longboarding, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as stylish on the nose as 2004 World Champion, Summer Romero.
22. Whenever a surfer tells me that it's too small to surf or shoot, I think back to this day in Malibu with Anastasia Ashley. It was absolutely as tiny as it gets but somehow she could still hit the lip.
23. One of the best feelings in surfing has to be when you're on the way down from a floater, carrying a ton of speed, and you see the wall starting to line up in front of you. Marii Sugiura Bakker.
24. Who's the girl? The question gets asked everyday at hundreds of beaches around the world. I've personally heard it dozens of times in regard to Oceanside legend, Kelly Sloan, one of the best surfers you may have never heard of.
25. Kaitlin Maguire noserides at a spot that doesn't see too many longboards. Summertime's as good a time as any to mix up the normal routine.
26. Taking the high line right before dark, Australian Lyndsay Noyes knows the joy and speed that only a fish can bring. Unreal style from one of the smoothest surfers around.
27. What you can't see are the tourists who were standing by the pier railing but are now backpedaling to avoid getting sprayed in the face. Melanie Bartels, applying pressure like only she can.
28. One of the funnier surfers I've met, HB's Sara Taylor loves the barrel, busts some mean poses, and enjoys occasional sand fights with friends. Her turns on this day were so powerful that one of her glass-on fins snapped without her even hitting anything.
29. Early morning with one of America's brightest stars, Courtney Conlogue. Fin-throwing hacks, big barrels, upside down lip bashes...watching this girl surf, you get the distinct feeling that you're watching someone who possesses a very special gift for riding waves.
30. The hand position, the elegant cross-step toward the nose. Even if this shot was in silhouette, you'd still be able to tell that it's Kassia Meador.

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