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je0ttygirl online surf magazine's third annual new year's feature

Tamar Ben-Moshe, 3rd Annual Jettygirl New Year's Feature presented by Betty Belts, 2010. Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine


tamar ben-moshe photo by amir bendel

JettyGirl: A one million dollar check arrives in your mailbox with a note that reads, "Half of this amount is yours and the other half is to benefit the world around you." How would you spend the money?
Tamar Ben-Moshe: First, both halves would get invested so that they can continue to grow and be supportive—after all, I don't want to blow it all in one shot. I would love the opportunity to have the ability to constantly be able to feel the satisfaction of giving substantial financial help to any cause at any given time. Aside from donating to almost every humane and environmental organization that does wonders, I would also like to buy vast amounts of wild untouched land anywhere and everywhere possible to preserve and protect from human destruction. That's generally what I'd do with the half that benefits the world around me.

As for the other half, check it out...

First, I'd quit my non-purposeful job that I currently have to support my surfing habit. Second, I'd go and buy back my grandparents' house in Tel-Aviv, where my entire father's side of the family grew up, from the strangers who bought it when they passed away (RIP). Third, I'd pay off all of my parents', my sister's and my debts and take them on an adventurous trip kayaking next to humpback whales and bald eagle bird watching in Alaska. I have always wanted to see these amazing creatures up close in their wild habitat. Next, I would like to take a few good months spending loads of quality time with the rest of my family and friends in the states who I haven't had the chance to see, laugh with, cry with, have fun with in such a long long time. I want to do so many activities with them too: surfing, camping, hiking, rock climbing, cooking, chilling, dancing, Coachella concert-ing and Burning Man-ing ...the list goes on. After all that fantastic fun, I want to go wave hunting solico all over the world to places where it's warm and tropical where I can have fun surfing and improve on my surfing skills, make new friends, learn new cultures, taste different foods …bla bla bla. After a few solid months of surfing my heart out, I'd miss my real home …Tel Aviv, Israel. I'd go back in the summer—the most happening time of the year! I'd buy plane tickets for my friends who always wanted to come to see the Holy Land but couldn't afford it and host them on my beach-front property (next to the 2 other houses I also buy for my sister and parents), all of which is thanks to this well invested money. I must not forget, that with all of this free time, I would also like to study yoga in India, and even return to my masters in biology at Tel Aviv University. In between my study breaks I will work on my hobbies in photography as I enhance my work on my brand new extremely large Mac. I would have captured and documented all of the special moments with my wide selection of fancy-shmancy cameras and lenses, all of which were bought as soon as I won the money.

JG: Describe the best surfboard you've ever ridden and why it was special to you.
Tamar: Israel doesn't get a lot of waves so it's very easy for me to fall out of shape when we go for weeks with a sea that gets flatter than flat. But when the waves do come, that's when I break out my Big Red Ruby—I nickname all my boards. Ruby is a fantastic 7'4" Becker funboard, which I bought 4 years ago in California to bring with me when I moved to Israel. She (yes, I decided that Ruby is female) is the best because she is always so fun to ride whenever I'm struggling with my surfing skills. Whenever I'm feeling like a total kook in the water for whatever reason, Ruby helps me regain my strength and confidence, which helps me fall back in love with surfing all over again straight from the moment I start to paddle her into the sea with me.

JG: If you could travel back to any time in history and hang with one person while they go about their daily activities, who would it be and why?
Tamar: Ooo, tough one. I'm stuck between Einstein to warn him about the repercussions of his atomic theories which led to the a-bomb, Hitler to prevent him from ever harming a single soul, my grandfather from my father's side to see how he grew up under such harsh conditions in Yemen, my grandmother to watch her swim miles out into the sea just for fun while being a mother of 6, and my grandparents from my mother's side to warn them and everyone around them to run away before the Nazis come.

JG: For thirty days you're stuck on a desert island with one book, one song, one surf movie and one snack food. Which ones would you choose?
Tamar: An easy to read all inclusive survival guide for desert islands. Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. That song doesn't get old. No matter when I hear its upbeat tempo, it always makes me want to dance, and dancing makes me happy. Hands down, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This movie just gets funnier and funnier the more I watch it. Only the yummiest snack there is—creamy peanut butter & real strawberry jam on rye.

JG: What is your best surf-related memory of 2009?
Tamar: In 2009 I took a surf trip to Bali expecting to surf my brains out. Surprisingly, I didn't surf as much as I had anticipated but it turned out to be the best time ever. For 3 weeks I shared my adventures with a cool new friend, Nati, who I met there for the first time and just so happens to live on the same street as me in Tel Aviv. I also repeatedly peed in my pants and developed abs of steel from laughing so hard for the entire week that we hung out with 3 of the most clever, witty and hilarious Aussies, Mark, Gibson and Rob. My surf trip couldn't have been any better without these 4 rascals. Thanks boys.


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