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je0ttygirl online surf magazine's third annual new year's feature

Sandra Olson, 3rd Annual Jettygirl New Year's Feature presented by Betty Belts, 2010. Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine


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JettyGirl: A one million dollar check arrives in your mailbox with a note that reads, "Half of this amount is yours and the other half is to benefit the world around you." How would you spend the money?
Sandra Olson: I would buy a plot of land in a safe, tropical area, with a surf break DIRECTLY in front of it. Then build a modest, comfortable home (with direct access to tsunami/hurricane evacuation routes), with a couple of small guest houses on the property as well, and invite church youth groups to come out and surf/learn about Christ. That wouldn't cost a 1/2 million, so I'm sure a (newer—not brand new) surf van would be cool to have ...and I'd also put away some money for my nieces/nephews, so that when they turned 18 they'd have a good start towards a Christian college. The other 1/2 million??? Whew!! I'd find lots of charities that are helping people in all aspects of life/research ...not the traditional breast cancer research approach, but other disease research charities and also finance missionaries that are serving around the world.

JG: Describe the best surfboard you've ever ridden and why it was special to you.
Sandra: Keoki Surfboards, 6'7" shortboard thruster. Keoki shaped this one specifically for me when I was transitioning from longboards to shortboards. It was also my first North Shore season on a shortboard vs. my familiar longboard, so he made it a bit longer that what I ride now so that I could paddle into the waves easier, with the perfect amount of rocker so that trusting the board on the drop-in was easy (no pearling at all!). He painted it fluorescent pink (yay!) with the year I was born on it ('77) since in my late 20's, I entered my "pink" phase in life. This board was/is PERFECT for solid double-overhead North Shore when you're competing with dozens of other guys for waves and need a bit more length when catching one (wave, that is).

JG: If you could travel back to any time in history and hang with one person while they go about their daily activities, who would it be and why?
Sandra: I would pal around with my Savior, JESUS CHRIST hero! I would sit at the top of the mountain, very close, and listen as He taught His disciples in the famous "Sermon on the Mount" (Matthew 5, 6, 7). There's so much wisdom and direction for one's life in those passages would be very MOVING to hear in person.

JG: For thirty days you're stuck on a desert island with one book, one song, one surf movie and one snack food. Which ones would you choose?
Sandra: Bible (endless reading & inspiration). O' Holy Night (I'd sing it at sunset every night). Shimmer! (I could watch this over and over and over). Orange Rolls from Safeway!! (Can't get enough of these!)

JG: What is your best surf-related memory of 2009?
Sandra: Spent two days on Kauai with my husband, Dan Olson, in May '09. We surfed 5 different breaks in 36 hours, ate like horses the whole time, yet spent hardly any money, camped on the beach, surfed a rising swell at a west side beach break (only 3 of us out) while perfecting my duck-dives, and basically let the rest of the world disappear. Ahhh... fun, summer, surf days!


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