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je0ttygirl online surf magazine's third annual new year's feature

Keenan Lineback, 3rd Annual Jettygirl New Year's Feature presented by Betty Belts, 2010. Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine


keenan lineback lifestyle photo by meghan whitney, surf photo by jim whitney,

JettyGirl: A one million dollar check arrives in your mailbox with a note that reads, "Half of this amount is yours and the other half is to benefit the world around you." How would you spend the money?
Keenan Lineback: With the half of the money that would be given to me to benefit the world around me, I would give some to my school, some to my swim team, and some to help starving people around the world and help give them the essentials they need to live a happy life. With the other half that would be given to me, I would probably buy a house somewhere warm with good waves and save the rest ...maybe shop a little.

JG: Describe the best surfboard you've ever ridden and why it was special to you.
Keenan: The board that stands out the most to me was a purple 5'0" Perfection. I think it is the most memorable because on it I got my first cover shot in ESM when I had just turned 14.

JG: If you could travel back to any time in history and hang with one person while they go about their daily activities, who would it be and why?
Keenan: I would have to choose Jesus Christ. Seeing how He handled different situations, how He treated everyone around Him, and how He helped everyone He could would have a huge impact on my life.

JG: For thirty days you're stuck on a desert island with one book, one song, one surf movie and one snack food. Which ones would you choose?
Keenan: I like the surf movie Trilogy so I'll go with that one. A book about how to survive being stranded on a deserted island would help me out. Haha. For snack food, I'll have to pick something that I can't cook and eat with the help of my survival book because I'll be eating any and all walking, flying, and swimming creatures ...yeah I'm that good. I guess I'll go with some French crepes to hold me over 'til the next kill. I have to pick a country song since I'm from the South so I'm going with She's Country by Jason Aldean.

JG: What is your best surf-related memory of 2009?
Keenan: My greatest 2009 experience was in Nicaragua in July. It was the first time I got to surf somewhere where the majority of the waves were barrels.


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