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jettygirl online surf magazine's second annual new year's feature

Frieda Zamba, Second Annual Jettygirl New Year's Feature, 2009. Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine

Presented by Blue Surf Sanctuary

frieda zamba photo by mike rutherford

JettyGirl: While faltering economies, political turmoil and energy issues dominated most of the headlines during the past year, much of 2008's good news slipped through the cracks. What's the best thing that happened to you in 2008 and what are you most hopeful for in 2009?
Frieda Zamba: My promotion with Xtrak. All the years of repping finally paid off. I was promoted to Sales Manager and Team Manager.

JG: Tell us about the first time you ever stood up on a surfboard. Where was it and what were you riding?
FZ: It was summertime at my local beach and I was 12. I borrowed a friend's board and caught a whitewater wave. I remember how hard it pushed me forward and I just jumped straight up. At first I couldn't believe I actually got up then I realized I was moving and heading to the beach. I was so excited and I'll never forget the feeling of the wave pushing me. I felt so weightless and free. I rode that whitewater right up on the sand. I just stood there on the board as it sunk into the sand. I knew at that moment that I didn't ever want that feeling to leave my body.

JG: What is your current favorite board? In 2009 do you have any plans to experiment with different surfboard designs, materials or fin configurations?
FZ: My shortboard is a 5'5" x 18 1/4 x 11 1/2 x 14 1/2 x 2 swallow tail with single concave forward to double concave between the fins. I do experiment slightly, but when I find a design I like I'll ride it for years. I tend to ride my boards short. I only ride FCS and really like the PC5's.

JG: Do you have any heroes? If so, who and why?
FZ: My parents have always been my heroes. As a kid I never understood the impact of their strength and love on me and our family, but as I grew and reflect back on the path my life took it was all the  sacrifices they made that benefited me and our family.

JG: In 2009 we'll see the best single maneuver ever done by a female surfer. Who do you think will pull the move and what do you think it will be?
FZ: My first guess would be Carissa Moore, but I hope it's an unknown girl from some small island or country that nobody's ever heard of but a traveling surfer just happens to get some video of her ripping the back out of a wave and the maneuver she pulls is a frontside rodeo but she lands it switch.


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Anne Beasley Weber Heather Hudson Crummer Kim Mearig Paige Hareb Shannon Switzer
Ashley Lloyd Heather Jordan Kyla Langen Pam Burridge Silvana Lima
Bethany Hamilton Holly Beck Kym Campbell Pauline Ado Sofia Mulanovich
Betty Depolito Jacqueline Silva Lauren Sweeney Pauline Menczer Sormarie Nieves
Chanelle Sladics Jenna Balester Laurina McGrath Prue Jeffries Stacey Guy
Christa Alves Jenni Flanigan Layne Beachley Rebecca Woods Tammy-Lee Smith
Claire Bevilacqua Jessi Miley-Dyer Leah Dawson Rochelle Ballard Yvonne Mendel
Cori Schumacher Josie Drude Lynne Dickinson Rosy Hodge  
Courtney Conlogue Julie Cox Marissa Graham Sage Erickson  
Danielle Beck Kaitlin Maguire Mary Osborne Sally Fitzgibbons  
Darlene Conolly Karin Kendrick Megan Abubo Sam Haddad  
Donna von Hoesslin Karlee Mackie Nicola Atherton Sara Taylor  


Image Caption: Before Lisa Anderson won her four world titles, another Floridian had already accomplished the feat. Flagler Beach's Frieda Zamba exploded onto the tour with a Larry Bertleman-inspired approach that included lighting speed, quick snaps and some of the first airs ever attempted in world tour events. As seen in the recent photo above, she obviously hasn't lost a step since retiring from tour years ago. Photo: Mike Rutherford /

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