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Great in 2008 heading Great in 2008 - Thirty Surfers Look Into the New Year. Julie Cox.
julie cox five over in carlsbad, surf photo by chris grant
How many words are there for stylish? However many definitions exist, they all apply to Julie Cox. Photo: Chris Grant/
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julie cox heading

JettyGirl: Any New Year's resolutions for 2008?
Julie Cox: My list for '08 is huge. There are no real "resolutions", but a lot of goals. I have a lot of things to put into action for the Jule Collection, it's going to be an insane year for that. I want to surf well in France again this year and to continue building my life in California as well.

JG: If you were to donate time or money to a charitable organization or cause in 2008, what would it be and why?
JC: If I could donate time and money to an organization I would donate to: Surfrider Foundation because they are doing so much to help protect our waves and beaches and Keep-A-Breast because not only what they are doing is so influential and important for young women, but they are always doing something so fun and their energy is great to be around. There are so many wonderful charities out there, I hope to learn about some new ones in '08 and find ways to get involved.

JG: Judging on any category you find relevant, name five female surfers to watch for in 2008 and why.
JC: Sage Erickson, she's a rad teen shortboard shredder (up there with Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, and Bethany Hamilton). Steph Gilmore, it'll be fun to see how she progresses and what she does the next few years. Kaitlin Maguire, she is such a good young surfer with a ton of potential, she's one to watch in the contests. Jen Smith, duh, she's world champ and only getting better and stronger too, it'll be fun to see how she approaches '08. And Justine Dupont, a French grom who is killing it on both long- and shortboard.

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