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Great in 2008 heading Great in 2008 - Thirty Surfers Look Into the New Year. Jen Smith.
jen smith portrait and surf photo by chris grant
Left: Jen Smith and her pal, Colin. Right: Early morning in Pacific Beach with the new World Champ. Photos: Chris Grant/
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jen smith heading

JettyGirl: Any New Year's resolutions for 2008?
Jen Smith: No specific resolutions...I have a few goals that I have sort of set for myself. One them is to get as much footage as possible.

JG: If you were to donate time or money to a charitable organization or cause in 2008, what would it be and why?
JS: I would give time and/or money to the elderly who need to be cared for.

JG: Judging on any category you find relevant, name five female surfers to watch for in 2008 and why.
JS: Steph Gilmore, she rips and I think she could win a second word title in 2008. Sally Fitzgibbons, I watched her surf on the North Shore this winter and she has major potential. Kassia Meador and myself—we plan on taking over the world this year. Megan Abubo, she just got a ukulele and I think Jack Johnson may have some competition in the surfer-gone-musician field. Kelia Moniz, another up and coming ripper with all the potential in the world.

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Jen Smith Anna Garaway Rebecca Woods Lyndsay Noyes Marii Sugiura-Bakker
Nikita Robb Prue Jeffries Bethany Hamilton Shannon McIntyre Sofia Mulanovich
Kassia Meador Jessi Miley-Dyer Violet Kimble Anastasia Ashley Sormarie Nieves
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Julie Cox Chanelle Sladics Tiff Seale Mary Bagalso Lauren Sweeney


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