The Complete List of Our Top 5 ASP Picks

Our 2011 ASP Women's World Tour Preview is based on Top 5 predictions from the following list of World Champions and past, present and future surfing superstars. It is really interesting to see how similar the picks are from such a diverse group of people. Once you've perused the list of Top 5 picks, jump on over to our 2011 ASP Women's World Tour Preview.
Paige Alms 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Coco Ho 5. Tyler Wright Wendy Botha 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Sally Fitzgibbons 3. Carissa Moore 4. Coco Ho 5. Silvana Lima Meah Collins 1. Carissa Moore 2. Stephanie Gilmore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Coco or Tyler 5. Silvana or Courtney Jessica Grimwood 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Silvana Lima 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Tyler Wright 5. Courtney Conlogue Shea Hodges 1. Melanie Bartels 2. Silvana Lima 3. Carissa Moore 4. Courtney Conlogue 5. Rebecca Woods Kim Mearig 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Chelsea Hedges 5. Courtney Conlogue Marissa Shaw 1. Carissa Moore 2. Stephanie Gilmore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Silvana Lima 5. Courtney Conlogue Bo Stanley 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Silvana Lima 3. Tyler Wright 4. Carissa Moore 5. Sally Fitzgibbons Valentina Vitale 1. Carissa Moore 2. Stephanie Gilmore 3. Tyler Wright 4. Sally Fitzgibbons 5. Silvana Lima Jamie Baittinger 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Sally Fitzgibbons 3. Tyler Wright 4. Courtney Conlogue 5. Carissa Moore Serena Brooke 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Courtney Conlogue 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Carissa Moore 5. Coco Ho Shelby Detmers 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Coco Ho 5. Silvana Lima Nicole Grodesky 1. Sally Fitzgibbons 2. Stephanie Gilmore 3. Silvana Lima 4. Carissa Moore 5. Claire Bevilaqua Alexia Jeri 1. Sally Fitzgibbons 2. Stephanie Gilmore 3. Silvana Lima 4. Sofia Mulanovich 5. Coco Ho Wini Paul 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Sally Fitzgibbons 3. Carissa Moore 4. Tyler Wright 5. Coco, Courtney or Chelsea Jolene Smith 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Laura Enever 4. Melanie Bartels 5. Courtney Conlogue Lauren Sweeney 1. Silvana Lima 2. Carissa Moore 3. Stephanie Gilmore 4. Coco Ho 5. Sally Fitzgibbons Kim Wooldridge 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Sally Fitzgibbons 3. Chelsea Hedges 4. Carissa Moore 5. Tyler Wright Rochelle Ballard 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Tyler Wright 4. Silvana Lima 5. Coco Ho Chloe Buckley 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Coco Ho 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Melanie Bartels 5. Silvana Lima Amee Donohoe 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Tyler Wright 3. Carissa Moore 4. Courtney or Sally 5. Silvana Lima Bethany Hamilton 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Tyler Wright 5. Silvana Lima Di Mattison 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Tyler Wright 5. Silvana Lima Lakey Peterson 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Tyler Wright 4. Laura Enever 5. Coco Ho Valeria Sole' 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Carissa Moore 3. Sally Fitzgibbons 4. Tyler Wright 5. Coco Ho Sara Taylor 1. Stephanie Gilmore 2. Silvana Lima 3. Chelsea Hedges 4. Carissa Moore 5. Jessi Miley-Dyer Emily Wratschko 1. Carissa Moore 2. Tyler Wright 3. Stephanie Gilmore 4. Sally Fitzgibbons 5. Courtney Conlogue

Squiers and Paul Win “Break of a Lifetime”

Wini Paul & Nick Squiers © Jim Beam JIM BEAM'S 'BREAK OF A LIFETIME' PRESS RELEASE Wini Paul and Nick Squiers Win 'Break of a Lifetime' AUSTRALIA, January 20, 2011 - Wollongong’s Nick Squiers and Coolangatta’s Wini Paul are the inaugural winners of Jim Beam's innovative competition The Break and will now launch all out assaults on surfing’s World Qualifying Series tour. Squires, a 28-year-old full-time courier and 21-year-old Paul were announced as the winners following two days of intense competition on North Stradbroke Island, the pair defeating some of the country’s hottest surfing prospects. Both took home rich sponsorship packages – Squiers $50,000 and Paul $25,000 - to attack this year's World Qualifying Series (WQS). Former World Championship Tour veteran Dayyan Neve, a judge for The Break, said Squiers and Paul now had the chance to make their marks on the tour. The day after the announcement Squiers was still coming to terms with his win. “I was blown away when my name was announced and I still haven’t quite comprehended what it means to me,” Squiers said. “I’ve aimed at the WQS for six years but haven’t made it. I moved to the Gold Coast six years ago to train and compete and have a shot. I trained hard but then my girlfriend fell pregnant and we had a son who is now four and I felt it was the responsible thing to do to reprioritise my surfing dream. I never gave up the dream and I never will either. I just love competition and this is just amazing.” Paul was so nervous before the announcement she was almost physically ill. “It was absolutely mind blowing,” Paul said. “I could hear my heartbeat, I was shaking and when they said my name I didn’t even hear it. I was so nervous I thought I might throw up and then when people started hugging me I just burst into tears.” Paul said the sponsorship would allow her to do something she had wanted to do for so long and had been preparing to do for years. “I’ve surfed every day, I’ve trained to get better, done a lot of travelling and learnt a lot from all my mistakes,” an overwhelmed Paul said. “This means I can live my dream, I can be a pro surfer which is something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I’m so happy that Jim Beam are allowing me to do that.” Neve, who spent years on the WQS before finally qualifying for the WCT said both deserved their wins. “Nick will smash it up on the WQS,” Neve said. “I hadn’t heard much about Nick before this competition began but I’ve been in awe of how good he is. “He is powerful, has speed and flow and to be honest he blew everyone away while Wini’s so consistent in everything she does and is such a little legend.” Neve even went as far as saying he thought Squiers could win a few events this year. “The way the seedings work Nick’s going to have to do a lot of four and five star events this year but I reckon he’ll win one, if not a couple.” Lisa Spencer, Jim Beam Brand Manager, is excited to see Jim Beam sponsor two amazing, talented surfers, “Nick & Wini we’re a complete package and the stand out surfers over the past two days, Jim Beam are very excited to have two very keen Ambassadors for their brand on the WQS in 2011, the next step in our support of grassroots surfing in Australia” To enter the competition, surfers (over the age of 18) unsigned to a major endorsement were required to register online at and submit a 60 second highlight package of their best waves as well as a short insight into their character out of the surf. All 53 entrants were announced and voted on by the public in week long heats over two months. The public chose the 12 finalists, 8 males and 4 females, whilst the judges deliberated and found the best surfers for the 3 wild card invites. The boot camp style final featured a variety of challenges including surf, swell, fun and media sessions before the overall winners were selected and awarded The Break of a lifetime. All thanks to Jim Beam - The Spirit of Surfing and their partners Rip Curl, Sanyo, Swellnet and Tracks.
Jessica Grimwood enjoying the golden light of a West Oz sunset. Photo courtesy of Jessica Grimwood and friends.

Waltzing Matilda with Jessica Grimwood

Jessica Grimwood enjoying the golden light of a West Oz sunset. Photo courtesy of Jessica Grimwood and friends.
I made the trek by air from the East Coast to the West. The West is a much more rugged and intense part of Australia. Western Australia is what I would imagine the East to have been like back in the days when England sent the convicts here as punishment ...untouched and enchanted. This was notably the first surf trip I have done in a long time that hasn't involved competing for the extent of my stay and it was a very different vibe to travel on. Claire Bevilacqua, Jessica Grimwood, Bo Stanley and Wini Paul in Western AustraliaI traveled with Kiwi Wini Paul and Californian Bo Stanley down to our friend Claire Bevilacqua's house. Her house is approximately three hours down the coast from Perth in Western Australia at a place called Yallingup. Also staying at Bevo's beach house was two pro English surfers Matt and Jayce and two of Claire's school friends Renee and Chiara. Staying with Claire is always an amazing, refreshing and positively exhausting experience. You know you are going to be surfing and frothing out more than you ever have, eating better than you would ever dream of and feeling simply on top of life all together. Bevo also likes to dance as do the rest of us. Consequently, the Yallingup escape frequently morphed into a dance club (which we named Club Bevo) with all the neighbors in the small community joining in. It was a great way to pump each other up before our marathon surf sessions, or to wind down from the heavy slabs and powerful Indian Ocean swells we had conquered that day. We surfed so many different spots on this trip and were blessed with amazing swell everyday. I didn't surf a wave much smaller than 4 feet the whole time which was such a great relief from the East Coast wave drought I had experienced before I left. Jessica Grimwood and the English boys.Claire, Jessica, Jayce, Matt, Bo and Wini after another long day of pumping waves at Bevo's house.With all the different local secret spots that are here, we regularly had to take the 4WD tracks. I enjoyed more than anything lying in the back of the camper van the English boys had borrowed and flying down the 4WD track to my favorite spot (I will leave it unnamed to protect it from exposure). The red earth track was scattered with limestone protruding from the ground and old tree branches exposed by erosion. My body would bounce around the back of the van, almost touching the roof on every bump. I couldn't wipe the grin from my face. I saw so much of the Australian landscape and wildlife. The colors, simple yet so effective. Red earth to green vegetation to the blue ocean, each complimenting the other. These are the colors of Australia but are often overshadowed in the East by over-development. My throat was always dry from the red dirt we were churning up in our race to the ocean's shore. Every time we met the ocean at the cliff of my favorite secret spot, it never disappointed. Pumping A-frame lineups that stretched across the reef would be waiting to greet us. There were never many other people around either, usually more dolphins than anything. By the time I could change into my surf suit or get my boards ready, my feet would be red and black with earth, my skin already sizzling and my brow sweating. I could never get down the trail quick enough into the water, but at the same time had be careful not to take my toes off on the hidden limestone daggers. Snakes, lizards, spiders and birds scattered our trails every session. Ants the size of my small finger would also dance upon the hot earth and try to catch your toes on the way down, always seeming angry when you passed and eager to chase. Thank God for my thick-skinned feet. "Garrigarrang" I learned was the Aboriginal word for the sea. I adopted it. Though our experience with members of the Indigenous community later on in our trip left much to be desired, it did enlighten me to the real racial struggles we face to work together. I still admire the spirit of Aboriginals but realize both parties have a long way to go in understanding each other. The Aussie girls capturing some Western gold in the afternoon.For the 14 days we all spent at Bevo's house, we embraced our rugged surfing lifestyle. We stayed in the water all day and dealt with crispy hair and sunburned skin. Even sea ulcers and sore muscles couldn't keep us from the long paddle back to the lineup after each amazing wave. Every night we would prepare a massive and extremely healthy feast and froth out about the days adventures, waves and pleasures. Then, with the help of the local vineyard's world famous red and white wines, we would all fall into comas of exhaustion only to dream of the next day's Western Adventures. I cannot wait to make the trek back over to the West and settle into the rugged and raw surfing lifestyle that exists there. I'm looking forward to once again being mentored by the true Westerner herself Claire and to score secluded, powerful, pumping slabs of Indian Ocean. If I can draw only one conclusion from my travels to this part of Australia, I will simply say, "The West is the best!"