Courtney Conlogue in Emerald Odyssey, a surf film by Dillon Chang

Emerald Odyssey, a Short Surf Film by Dillon Chang, Starring Courtney Conlogue in Ireland

Emerald Odyssey from Dillon Chang on Vimeo.

Back in 2008 we asked Courtney Conlogue where she would go if she could take a board with her on a time machine. She responded that she would travel to "a time when life was slower and there was less technology. I would still want the best surfing equipment around. I'd go to Indonesia when no one was out because I want to be able to enjoy some incredible waves without a crowd. I want to relax and pick and choose the best waves with no hassling around me." While her Emerald Odyssey took her to Ireland instead of Indonesia, the trip definitely checked the rest of the boxes she spoke about seven years ago. It's a pleasure to watch Courtney surf Ireland's long lefts and it's easy to see how much she enjoys the uncrowded power of the Emerald Isle's rugged coastline.
Filmmaker's Description
After physical or emotional trauma, there is a period of reflection. A time where we disbelieve every ideal we once held close and reevaluate our anchors. Emerald Odyssey is a story about rediscovering those foundations. A story about going against the normalcy's and venturing to an unorthodox destination in search of waves and oneself.
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Dillon Chang - Vimeo
Courtney Conlogue
"As Colorful As Ever" - Broke For Free "Beyond Something Beautiful" - Scott Holmes
  Courtney Conlogue stars in Emerald Odyssey, a short surf film by  Dillon Chang    

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