Coco Ho, Hawaii, will be a top seed at the ASP 6-Star Los Cabos Open of Surf. Photo © ASP / CESTARI

Los Cabos Open of Surf Adds Women’s ASP 6-Star Division at Zippers, June 16-22, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America Los Cabos Open of Surf Adds Women's ASP 6-Star Division Coco Ho, Hawaii, will be a top seed at the ASP 6-Star Los Cabos Open of Surf. Photo © ASP / CESTARIPictured: Coco Ho (HAW), 22, will be a top seed at the ASP 6-Star Los Cabos Open of Surf. Credit: ASP/CESTARI LOS CABOS, Baja California, Mexico (Monday, March 17, 2014) – The Los Cabos Open of Surf is pleased to announce the addition of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s 6-Star Qualification Series (QS) event at the quality righthand pointbreak of Zippers from June 16 through 22, 2014. The addition of the event is a historic step in surfing, as the Los Cabos Open of Surf represents the first Women’s ASP 6-Star competition in Mexico, contributing to the sport’s rich global history. “We’re really happy to have the Los Cabos Open of Surf on the Women’s calendar,” Jessi Miley-Dyer, ASP Deputy Commissioner, said. “We’ve seen some excellent additions to the Women’s World Championship Tour and it’s important to build a strong Qualification Series to help shape our future champions. Having this event at a quality wave is a benefit to women’s surfing.” “There is only one other women’s qualification series event in North America and having the Los Cabos Open of Surf is a huge benefit to our tour,” Brian Robbins, ASP North America Tour Manager, said. “I think the warm water and potential for quality waves will definitely draw some of the best surfers in the world and this event will play a deciding factor in who will qualify for the 2015 WCT.” The Los Cabos Open of Surf is sponsored by the Los Cabos Tourism Board and ran in its inaugural year in 2013 as a Men’s ASP 6-Star event. 2014 will mark the Mexican event as the only combined Men’s and Women’s 6-Star competition in North America. "We´re really happy to team up with the ASP in bringing some of the world’s best male and female surfers to Los Cabos and being part of history," Ruben Reachi, Minister of Tourism of Baja Califo, said. The Los Cabos Open of Surf holds a waiting period from June 16-22, 2014 and will be webcast LIVE via For additional information log on to

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Searching for a Schedule in Mexico with Margaux Arramon-tucoo, Jake Zylstra, Anna Ehrgott, Sarica Carlquist, Manny Caro, Christine Brailsford and Hayley Gordon

Searching for a Schedule in Mexico with Margaux Arramon-tucoo, Jake Zylstra, Anna Ehrgott, Sarica Carlquist, Manny Caro, Christine Brailsford & Hayley Gordon

Searching for a Schedule in Mexico with Margaux Arramon-tucoo, Jake Zylstra, Anna Ehrgott, Sarica Carlquist, Manny Caro, Christine Brailsford and Hayley Gordon Words and Photos by Hayley Gordon - Day 1 We have arrived at the airport in Mexico and our ride isn’t there. We eat a random selection of food at the airport restaurant and crack our first Mexican beer, then order a taxi to our destination. Boards stacked high we arrive under cover of darkness, greeted by the rhythmic sound of surf. Cruising down the beach in Mexico. Photo by Hayley Gordon, Searching for a Schedule in Mexico. Surf photo by Hayley Gordon. Day 2 Adjusting to time here is difficult. With no phones and no watches we count time by waves, sessions, naps, tacos, and beers. It takes an adjustment; the mind is constantly searching for a schedule. Things slow down and I find that I can truly relax with a book without checking my phone every 5 minutes. The house is a revolving door as our crew surfs, takes a break for some water and a bite to eat, and heads back out for more. Setting up for a long Mexican left. Surf photo by Hayley Gordon, Mexico noseride. Photo by Hayley Gordon, The long way back. Photo by Hayley Gordon, Day 3 It’s amazing to actually be too hot in the water. As someone who is always cold even in the summer and in places like Puerto Rico and Hawaii, it’s a luxury I don’t get very often. It’s sweltering during the day, and brutal standing on the beach with a camera. Mornings and evenings are the only respite. Thankfully the second day brought a steady breeze. The peeling lefts give us an empty canvas to play on. They are so long that everyone has started to get out of the water and walk up the beach to get back out. Snacks and refreshment. Photo by Hayley Gordon, Day 4 The waves have gradually gotten a bit smaller, but the mechanical lefts keep coming in. We've switched to smaller wave gear, and my shortboards are sitting lonely in the house. Afternoons are reserved for naps, reading, and listening to music on the balcony. Today one of the locals got us coconuts from a nearby field, and they were absolutely delicious. The evening brings a string of intense lightning storms that put on a show all night. Shooting photos and riding lefts in Mexico. Surf photo by Hayley Gordon of Day 5 Unfortunately the surf begins to dwindle, and we turn our sights beyond our home base to explore the nearby coast. Our new friend Josh offers to drive a few miles south towards a beach town filled with luxurious beachfront homes and a beautiful coast with alternating rock-reef and sandbar breaks. We paddle out at a promising looking sandbar, but the surf proves fickle and difficult, and more than a bit sharky. Still the crew managed to get a bunch of waves before a huge baitball appeared in the lineup. Some of us onshore saw dolphins pursuing it, but we also saw a fin that looked a bit more shark-like than dolphin-like, and Jake and Manny paddled in as fast as they could. Checking the surf in Mexico. Photo by Hayley Gordon of Day 6 The surf dwindled even further this day, and so we set our sights on exploring the coast to find yet another break that is notoriously a bit hard to find. We missed the first turn and drove miles in the wrong direction before finding the correct route. The dirt road had been ravaged by recent rains, and it took a while to navigate the pits and bumps. More than a few times our stack of nine surfboards nearly flew from the roof of our Jeep. Once we reached the break we were greeted with an empty lineup and perfectly clean peeling waves. The only problem was the waves were miniature, suitable only for a longboard. The crew did the best they could to wring as much fun from the surf as they could before relaxing under the canopy at the little restaurant on the beach run by a grandma and her family. Although the surf wasn't as stellar as we had hoped, we could see the potential for amazing surf at this spot. Transporting the surfboards for the flight back from Mexico, Hayley Gordon. Day 7 Our last day we were hoping the see the beginnings of a new swell filling in, but the morning greeted us with dribblers crumbling on the point. Unfortunately the swell did not arrive early as we had hoped, so we set about packing our boardbags and getting ready for the journey home. The funniest thing about traveling with a group of surfers is trying to wrangle all the boardbags, and we had more than a few curious onlookers at the airport. We left Mexico with tans, great memories, and a great time together. We didn't quite get the stellar surf we were hoping for, but a week in paradise with your friends is something that will be looked back on with fondness for the rest of our lives. -Hayley *Notes from the jetty... Please check out Hayley Gordon's to view her groundbreaking surf and skate films.
Relaxing until the next surf session in Mexico. Photo by Hayley Gordon, Additional Resources: - films and images by Hayley Gordon Hayley Gordon @hayley_gordon Margaux Arramon-tucco @margause Jake Zylstra @andjake Anna Ehrgott &annaehrgott Sarica Carlquist @sarica_carlquist Manny Caro @swallowtailsociety Christine Brailsford @whomphandplanes

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Hope, a new short surf film by Heather Hudson of Graciegirl LLC

HOPE. A Short Film by Heather Hudson.

HOPE from Heather Hudson on Vimeo.

HOPE A Short Film by Heather Hudson Description: Sometimes we all need to get away to gain a little perspective... Join seven friends as they travel to Mexico for their annual surf trip of fun waves, great food, rest and relaxation. Along the way the surfers share deep and personal thoughts on the theme of "hope" for this year and the future. "My hope this year for myself is that I get to live for another year because unfortunately I have metastatic cancer. With that, every year is an unbelievable gift ...every day is a gift and for some reason I get to keep coming back." -Zeuf Surfers: Zeuf, Linda, Nancy, Jeannette, Lara, Brenda, and Heather Film/Edit: Heather Hudson, Graciegirl LLC Music: "Grab Your Board" - Written by Michael M. Lehman; Performed by Marshall Rhodes. Michael Lehman, guitar and vocals; Glenn Burke, guitar and vocals. Allan "JR" Fiedtkou, percussion. Artwork: Jeannette Prince, Cardiff Town Cards Frame grabs from Hope, a short film by Heather Hudson - Jettygirl Online Surf Magazine
Heather Hudson, film producer. Graciegirl LLCAbout the Filmmaker... Heather Hudson is a film producer living in Santa Barbara, California, where she is a community volunteer, a wife and mother of two sons. In 2007, she started her film production company, Graciegirl LLC, and created the groundbreaking documentary surf film, “The Women and the Waves,” with co-producer and mentor, Peck Euwer of Swell Pictures Inc., Santa Barbara. For 15 years Heather has supported and volunteered for "Heal the Ocean," a successful Santa Barbara-based non-profit citizen's action group committed to ending ocean pollution. In 2012, she was named to the Heal the Ocean Board of Directors where she heads up fundraising and events.
Thumbnail image for Heather Hudson's new short film, HopeAdditional Resources: Heather Hudson on Vimeo The Women and the Waves Cardiff Town Cards by Jeannette Prince Rail Grabber. Designed by Linda Benson.
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